It’s Basically a Tiny Airplane Strapped Onto You


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  1. This concept was shown years ago by a man from Sweden I believe. He had videos of him fling around the Alps.
    Sorry, he was Swiss.
    Swiss Rocket Man – Yves Rossy

  2. Right people claim they’ll never get in a helicopter again after not even knowing the reason Bryant’s went down. Death trap, if it isn’t you being an idiot how about everyone else in an already crowded airspace along with drones etc.

  3. Awesome development! So far, love it!
    Two questions.
    Total flying time? Can’t be too long at this point.
    Hot feet? Looks like that exhaust goes right by the feet. Ouch! Ouch!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. Strap obama to one, open the throttle and aim it at a new section of the border wall.


  5. Small aircraft crashing into airliners has caused some big jets to go down.

    Small craft were not required to have radar, for one thing. That was the cause of a disaster in Cerritos CA a couple of decades ago. The small plane was just taking off from a municipal airport and the pilot did not see that he was on a collision course with the airliner. Him and his three passengers were instantly beheaded on contact and the jet crashed into a residential area, killing all aboard and taking out some homes.

    It was horrible, and it could have been prevented. If I had a Cessna I would get all the safety gear and warning systems I could find, whether required by law or not.

    People touting aero cars have a ton of technical issues to solve before we have those things buzzing around. There would have to be sky highways and controls to keep them from bumping into each other, as well as keeping them out of the air lanes used by big airliners. Lots of problems need to be solved.


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