Katy Perry line of shoes under fire for being racist

It’s Beyond Ridiculous With the Placating of the Left and Their Endless Ability of Seeing Racism Everywhere.

Katy Perry’s shoes pulled from stores because of “blackface.”


The “face” shoes have two eyes, a nose and red lips on them, and they come in two different colors … black and beige. The black one is problematic, because it looks a lot like classic blackface makeup, which the fashion world does not seem to recognize time and again.

The “face” heeled sandals are also problematic … and Katy’s catching major heat for having the shoes on store shelves. Even singer Masika Kalysha is calling for Katy to answer for this, saying on social media … “So we just gonna let Katy Perry slide?”


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  1. The time is ripe for one of these “stars” to finally step up and say “F you”! They will be cheered by the masses. People have BLACK skin, BROWN Skin, PINK Skin. F You! If Katy Perry was black is it OK for her to have a white shoe? Liberals have destroyed the minds of too many!

  2. They’re ugly as hell, who would wear them?

    It’s still funny though, the things people get bent out of shape over.

  3. For Black History month, maybe we should just go barefoot… to remember when the blacks were on the plantation ???

  4. Different Tim
    Those things are so BUTT ugly, they repel anything headed their direction. I mean they’re so ugly, I need to sneak up on my truck in the morning just to drive to work.

  5. Do they come in a version suitable for tap dancing? I do enjoy tap dancing into my local Popeye’s for some fried chicken and watermelon.

  6. Nothing is uglier than Katy Perry’s heart.

    It didn’t help when the black ones came with a bag of brazil nuts.

  7. Governor with a fetish for infanticide in either blackface or a kkk hood is A-OK.
    Stupid looking ugly black shoes, not ok.
    Racism is hard. Where can I get the operator’s manual so I can keep up?

  8. But seriously, the Left is now demonstrating a religious fervor equivalent to Muslim outrage over depictions of Mohammad.

    Because Leftism IS a Religion.

    It’s not just “blackface,” it’s the mere useage of certain colors that the Left now assumes to own and govern. I mean, just one glance at these shoes and it’s clear that Katy Perry is a racist monster who must be destroyed.

  9. Katy Perry, her debut hit song, “I Kissed a Girl”. She’s also a reprobare, spiteful, narcissist, daughter of a “light in the loafers” pastor. She’s now a judge on the former FOX show currently on ABC, “American Idol”, a low rated, staged “talent” fiasco that replaced, “Last Man Standing”.
    Not a fan. Glad she’s targeted by the left’s insanity. Perry been bowing at the Left’s twisted alter for years. BTW, her shoes are tacky beyond belief. There’s an investment Perry’s going to regret and cause her to lose a decent amount of money.

  10. 98% of women polled say they wouldn’t wear them to Walmart even on a bad hair day when all their clothes are dirty and they have a bad hangover.

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