It’s Business as Usual for School Union Bullies

CNS: With schools across the country now shut down as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents are gamely trying to keep the education process going outside the classroom, without unnecessary and harmful delays, by enrolling their children in online public charter schools. 

But as they do, teacher union bosses and their allied politicians in a number of states are reportedly hurling obstacles in their path. Big Labor bureaucrats’ outrageous bullying in Oregon was recently exposed in a Wall Street Journal editorial.

Unfortunately, cynical, politician-abetted schemes to deny parents, schoolchildren and teachers the opportunity to escape ineffective unionized public schools by turning to union-free charters are par for the course for top bosses of the mammoth National Education Association (NEA) teacher union and its state and local subsidiaries. Just ask Dr. Kristie Chiscano.

Long before anyone knew what COVID-19 was, in fact, for decades, many educators who disagreed with teacher union bosses’ political stances and/or their “one size fits all” vision of how instructional employees should be compensated, were shunning employment at unionized district schools and opting instead for charter schools, which are overwhelmingly union-free.

Chiscano, who since 2011 has worked as a chemistry teacher at Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA) in San Diego, accepted the job knowing that she wouldn’t be required to submit to government union bosses’ monopoly control as a condition of employment.

But a year ago this January, San Diego Education Association (SDEA/NEA) union officials were able, using California labor-law provisions that are extraordinarily biased against the rights of individual employees, to seize monopoly-bargaining power over the GPA faculty through a so-called “card check,” without even allowing teachers a chance to vote first in a secret-ballot election.

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20 Comments on It’s Business as Usual for School Union Bullies

  1. for the most part, unbelievers fear a Christian education so they wont send them to private schools. It is my opinion that they could care less what their kids are taught as long as they have their new boat, big mortgage, trips, clothes. They are self-centered and spoiled and wont spend the money on a quality education for their spawn. They wont home school either for the same reasons. They prefer a NEA indoctrination center/babysitter to actual parenting. They just cannot comprehend the danger.

  2. My wife and I broke every record on the books regarding public schools by sending our 3 kids first to parochial school and then homeschooled them and they all are normal well adjusted and above average for keeping them out of public schools. I hated what public schools did to me and that was back in the 60’s and early 70’s just as the schools were starting to screw kids up after Madeline Murray O’Hare got prayer kicked out of public schools. around 1962-63, I hate unions and especially any kind of govt. union whether it be for teachers or govt. employees or whatever. And I’m hoping and praying my kids will do the same for their daughters and I will help them to learn as well especially with reading and writing and other essential learning skills. Amen Charlie WalksonWater.

  3. If the schools are closed why do we need “teachers?”

    Furlough them, lay them off, or fire them until such time that they can do their jobs.
    Why are they getting special treatment when waiters (who provide a greater benefit to mankind) are laid off?
    Doesn’t make sense.

    Same with the Legislatures – if they don’t meet, they shouldn’t be paid. PERIOD.

    Bizarro World!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This whole sordid affair should open the eyes of America to the realization that the left operates as a Communist Party would. There is no concern for the number of WuFlu deaths as long as it hurts republicans and increases Communist, (democratic) Party control. Government education is political indoctrination. The Party is everything.

    Just look at the Kennedy Center: Cmrd Polosi gets them $25,M in bail-out money, and they promptly donate $5,M right back to the Party.

    Maybe, just maybe, people will realize that the Communists are not their grandparents democratic party, (you know, of KKK fame?) and never really were.

  5. This article shows that there is no such thing as ‘escaping them’ if you continue to live in a locale where these shenanigans are tolerated.

    You must move to a state where the pols aren’t beholden to them. If you can find one. But places like California are a lost cause and your child will be indoctrinated, one way or the other.

  6. Geoff I remember Madeline Murray O’Hare being glorified by Phil Donahue. Everyone remember he who led to our downfall, teaching men to cry, too, etc. Now married to lefty Free to be You and Me Marlo. Her father’s turning over in his grave. Marlo’s Youtube William wants a doll Oh and is that Alan Alda’s voice singing it of course!

  7. Then the teachers unions will unionize the robots and turn them all into HAL 9000 clones for the good of the children, you know. Dee, I never liked Phil Donahue, he was the biggest phony ever, even more phony than Jerry Springer because Donahue was a true believer of everything that’s not good.

  8. I have argued AGAINST teachers unions since I was a child. Our school district became union and the teachers did less and got paid more. If the Soviet Union was bad, why is the teachers union good? Never got a satisfactory answer ever. It really stuck in my craw that these people stole from our education and then wanted me to say thank you?

  9. My daughter just wrote her university exam on line.

    My son is doing Gr 10 calculus on line.

    Hey teacher unions, GET THE FUCK IN LINE!

  10. Teacher unions are leftist partners of the democrat party.
    Whores of the worst sort, who malignantly indictrinate our children for mere $$$.

  11. @bill April 9, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    > my six year old home schooled grandson reads at a college level already.

    How to put this… delicately…

  12. Not only are they setting up hurdles and state superintendents are going along with their wishes to shut down EPIC, K-12 and other online schools, but they’re also sending out newsletters to teachers and non-professional school employees to not let states cut their funding next year, and to demand more money next year, because now all non-professional school employees need the same amount of sick leave and non-school hour pay as teachers.

  13. My wife’s oldest daughter is a middle-school teacher.
    Is triggered by my AMERICAN FLAG and my TRUMP flag. Had a meltdown when Bernie quit the race.
    We don’t talk much…..

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