It’s called The Obama?


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  1. The egg yolk makes the whole burger look like it’s sticking it’s tongue out.

    Arrange the fries around it so it looks like they are giving you the middle finger as well and it will be an Obama F.U. meal.

  2. Come on that’s just really dark pumperniggle bread. I used to know this good lookin’ black chick with really big uhh, err, oh wait that’s a different thread.

  3. I think Burger King introduced this in Japan. So “nig-mac” is out but there might be a Whopper joke here somewhere.

  4. Blacks invented barbecue. I always thought Nipsey Russell was funny, for his time. Clarence Thomas has my faith. Black music prior to rapcrap can be found on my iPod. Many Air Force people taught me a LOT contrary to my southern upbringing.
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    It’s them damn underprivileged yutes I have no patience with.

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