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It’s happening folks

I’ve been quietly telling close confidants and readers I correspond with about the ongoing war against right-wing blogs.

It’s not just the revenue (which is putrid) that is being targeted, it is the information itself.

There was a time I could write a post and it would be indexed on “Big Browser” the second I posted.

Not anymore.

Look at this from Pamela Geller –

Disappearing Pamela Geller

It’s Stalinesque.

Joseph Stalin airbrushed photos to erase the presence of those who had fallen out of favor. Left-run social media titans are doing the very same thing. They are disappearing me.

My website and posts have been scrubbed from “Big Browser” search. Fourteen years and over forty thousand posts.

Big Browser Ads has banned my account. Big Browser is blacklisting and has admitted to working with alt-left smear groups to silence opposition. And it’s not just me, it’s all criticism of jihad and sharia.


It’s not just counter jihadists. It’s any pro-Trump site.

The far left, but influential Reddit, has reindexed our site as “satire” and “fake news.”

Just the other day I had a debate with a guy on a Seattle commenting board and in one of the exchanges he said that he looked up iOTWreport and we were “fake news.”

The 8 years we existed during the Obama administration we were left alone. Why? Because these $hitheels felt like they had the world at their feet. They were invincible and they had Hillary waiting in the wings.

We were gnats.

Since Trump won they are out for scalps and hides.

Gird your loins people, we’re in for a helluva fight.



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  1. We are on a huge delay, which, in the blogging game, is a terrible thing.
    It keeps us buried long enough so that we get bypassed in searches when the time really matters.

    We used to be able to write it and find it instantaneously on the “big browser.”

    Including COMMENTS!

  2. So what ever happened to that Conservative Web thing. I can’t even remember the name now. About 6 months ago some one was pushing hard on a Conservative encrypted web. Anti SkyNet sort of thing. Anybody remember that? Sounded like a fine idea at the time.

  3. Hey, Franklin, why did you fight World War Two? It was to defeat the Nazis, right? Well, it looks like your victory didn’t last, bud. Here they come, back again.

  4. Look at this.
    I posted this article at 9:04.

    G____e picked it up a half hour later.
    I know that someone might say, “what’s the big deal?”
    It is.

    We are not being buried to the extent that Pamela is, but it’s not like it used to be and it keeps our ranking low and it keeps us buried on breaking news.

    If you have trouble seeing what I posted it says
    “posted 20 seconds ago” on the search.
    It was posted a half hour ago.

  5. I get this I do. And yea google is SkyNet. But Google hasn’t been able to take control of he web yet. I’m sure their tying. Most true conservatives, including myself, follow Pam. Her IG is much better than her FB. (Man do I feel like a fag after all those initials). Point is, identify your enemy. Mean while every one keep doing what your doing. I really suck at this social media stuff, I’m old. But from my perceptive IG is a powerful weapon. Personally I love it. So do the ex Special forces and gun guys.

  6. Brendan Eich, the guy who invented Firefox and was forced to resign, has a new browser called Brave. It blocks tracking automatically. I just found Pamela on it where she should be. I am trying to find ways to not use Big Hate’s technology.

  7. It’s not against right wing anything
    it’s against telling the truth !

    The communist left characterizes anything that opposes their dogma as


    When there is no such thing

    Right wing extremism is ANARCHY

    You show me what politician is supporting that !

    The left
    The democrats
    The communists

    All say the same thing
    The same LIE

    But, of course, they are not
    ONE and the SAME

    Yeah, right !

  8. If they’re ‘burying’ content for 30 minutes, or more, than they have a successful game plan going there. Suppressing is probably more accurate. I have read that the average attention span is less than 20 mnutes, so most would probably have moved onto something else. Like the kardashiens or stiletto heels. Commercials on TV are going to 7 second duration, due to attention spans.
    There’s a reason they put fluoride in the water, and it ain’t for teeth. Alex is right- there is a war on for your mind.
    Just because they do what they do is no reason for truth to not be propounded. Speak up and speak out.

  9. Sometimes I go looking for something to contradict Obama’s worshippers on Twitter and it’s almost comical to see how Goolag bends backwards to post first only articles that excuse anything that Obama did that can be perceived as bad.
    Goolag “Obama bans Muslims” for example.

  10. “So the Bing search proves that the other company is suppressing her indexing.”

    Exactly!!!! Get rid of google for your search engine. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

  11. Get rid of Goggle and use DuckDuckGo app. It’s PHUCKING AWESOME.

    Install firefox instead of chrome, edge, or IE.

    We ain’t gonna become china.

    The same companies that are calling for NET NEUTRALITY, that is, they want free and unencumbered access to the Internet pipes, are the very companies that are stifling Trump supporters’ access to that same Internet.
    Hell no.
    If you take advantage of net neutrality, you should give equal access to all users of your services.

  13. Didn’t…..didn’t my website get repeatedly hacked enough for me to quit? Like….years ago? Same old ish as far as i can tell.

  14. I started experiencing Internet Explorer blocking The Gateway Pundit blog early this morning, Brave web browser is still okay, not the first time IE has blocked blogs I subscribe to..

  15. Google makes their money, and controls who gets a fraction of that money, by brokering ads. Alphabet doesn’t seem to make any “honest” money on anything else. “Search” is just a way of directing eyeballs. It’s no different than having your company’s name on a NAS-car, or a stadium. It actually costs “you” money, that you expect will increase the number of people trying to give “you” their money, in the business line that actually pays for itself. If you use another “search” provider, that sends you to a site that shows Google brokered ads, Google still gets paid.

    Ooh, look! There are ways of disrupting Google’s ad cash flow. Changing your search engine, changing your search browser, aren’t on the list.

  16. I think it is a desperate and petty move because they lost. A smart Republican next year can run on this issue alone and force his opponent to defend it.

    A good idea is to publish IOTW’s top posts in a book at Amazon. I have my blog posts backed up for this purpose.

    My fall-back is to get an old soap box and head to the town center. The commies will have to go full-commie to silence me.

    Never go full-commie.

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