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It’s illegal to draw lines on a map in California

WAEX: Remember when Gov. Gavin Newsom paid for a cable television ad in Florida, touting California as some beacon of freedom?

“Join us in California, where we still believe in freedom,” Newsom said. “Freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate, and the freedom to love.”

The idea that the COVID-19 lockdown dystopia of Newsom’s California was some freedom fest was always laughable. No state does more to make it harder for residents to make a living than California.

Just ask Ryan Crownholm.

Crownholm is a Los Angeles entrepreneur who created, a website that helps people create site drawings that many cities require for a building permit. Crownholm’s site uses publicly available data, such as Google Maps, to create images of property that users of his website can then overlay their own drawings on to.

In a state like California where housing is unaffordable, using technology to make it cheaper for people to improve their properties seems like a win-win, right?

Not in Newsom’s California. Crownholm is being fined $1,000 by the state government for the crime of illegally practicing land surveying without a license. more

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  1. Let’s hope Ryan prevails, with punitive damages, and perhaps some cease and desist to Noisesome and his minions.

  2. I’m at work watching a logger show and if the owner of the claim doesn’t get a certain amount of logs off the mountain in the middle of absolutely nowhere by a certain time the Canuck goobermint will charge him $500 per log.


  3. The article doesn’t cite the law. Would be interesting to see when it passed and what its original purpose was. Is it more than a century old? Brand-new? Was it created to primarily generate revenue to state or local government? Or is there a logical argument as to why unlicensed drawers are endangering people?

  4. Sometime after I moved in 93 my brother was telling me that the DMV made you register your car in your own garage that was inoperable every single year with a permit or you would get back charged when you did want to put it on the street for all those years plus the fines.
    Exhibit 225 of why I don’t live there any longer.


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