‘It’s in Man’s Nature’, Says Muslim Who Founded Polygamy Website

Breitbart London: A Muslim from Sunderland who started a polygamy “matchmaking” website for men seeking multiple Sharia marriages says that monogamy is not “in tune” with man’s nature and believes he has already been responsible for 100 ‘weddings’.

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Azad Chaiwala, 33, who launched Secondwife.com in 2014 followed by Polygamy.com this year, claims that both sites have 70,000 members looking for polygamous marriages.

Unapologetic about his own desire for multiple wives, he told his own wife early on in their marriage, which was arranged by his family, that she would not be the only one.

However, in seeking a second wife Mr. Chaiwala admitted that none of his family wanted to help saying “there was a taboo about the subject”, reports The Times.

Noting that there were dating sites catering to every “niche, desire, and fetish”, he said: “I think polygamy is more in tune with [man’s] nature than monogamy.”

Chaiwala’s Sharia marriage websites were directly cited in the review on social integration by cohesion advisor Dame Louise Casey on how foreign cultural practices contrary to British values are being tolerated. The report largely blames the “tolerance” of “regressive” cultures for segregation and said that pressure should be put on migrants to integrate.

“The practice of unregistered polygamy appears to be more commonplace than might be expected,” Dame Louise said. “The existence of matchmaking sites like secondwife.com and the prevalence of unregistered marriage is particularly concerning.”  READ MORE

22 Comments on ‘It’s in Man’s Nature’, Says Muslim Who Founded Polygamy Website

  1. Killing people is in our nature, according to many people.

    So I am not sure “being in our nature” is a winning argument.

    It does seem that the beliefs and rituals of some savages has kept them from becoming civilized.

  2. ‘It’s in Man’s Nature’ is why Jesus Christ became man and was put to death. He loved us so much that he sacrificed himself to save us from our fallen nature.

    What has Allah done for ‘his’ people?

  3. Why not? It’s an easy way to make a buck. They all collect welfare.
    Free housing, food stamps, the whole nine yards. I wonder how long the Brits can afford it?

  4. “unregistered polygamy”?!?

    Umm…isn’t it AGAINST THE LAW over there???
    Anyone ever think of just plain old ENFORCING THE LAW?!?


  5. I have a wife of 45 years.
    I don’t think another wife could train me to her particular liking and still be in sync with the other.
    Heck, I’m a slow learner, it took her 15 years before I put the toilet seat down.
    I cannot imagine the turmoil another wife brings to the mix.

  6. I love you guys!

    But you forget that these “men” can beat their wives for any excuse. All the wives are slaves – something the feminists of the civilized world do not understand.

  7. Claudia, it’s less so that feminists (and other Leftists) don’t “understand” it…like David Mamet said, they have to work so hard at *NOT* knowing so much. Cognitive dissonance as a lifestyle.

  8. “he told his own wife early on in their marriage, which was arranged by his family, that she would not be the only one”

    He lives in a Vagocracy like Englandistan, and he thinks that matters? What a maroon!

  9. The book I have says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and shall join his wife…,” not wives.

  10. Polygamy might be in man’s nature. Unfortunately, in any society where it’s practiced you’re going to have lots of men who will have never have any chance at getting any tail .. of the two legged variety that is. This tends to make competition among young males pretty brutal.

    No problem. Just invent a religion that says you wont get any here on Earth, but if you go blow yourself up and kill ten non-believers, you can have 72 pieces of ass in the afterlife.

    Sorta like they did with Islam

  11. Toilet seat up, toilet seat down. Put the stupid LID down every time. It’s cleaner, looks better, and solves the the fairness BS.

    Ever flush before standing up and feel that cool whoosh? Now think about evaporation… of the toilet water. Where does it go? Leave your toothbrush in the holder next to the sink? I rest my case.

    Close the lid before flushing.


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