It’s Liberals Who Have Waged the War Against Women

WFP: I can’t stand identity politics. I think it’s disingenuous at best and insulting to an average intelligence, and devious at its worst, underhanded and generally just slimy politics. When I hear things like, “well, gay people…” or, “Well, the elderly…” and the ever popular, “But the minorities…” it makes my brain hurt.

Being a woman, I get very incensed about things when people lump me into something because of my vagina. Because if 50% of the population is female, then it’s one thing we have in common- which means squat- and to assume you know what to talk about to lump in 50% of the population together- despite everything else we do not have in common, is just, well, dumb. But liberalism plays to the lowest common denominator. It is not about individualism, but collectivism, and so they cannot help themselves. They must play that game. It’s SO much harder to get people to think for themselves. But when you throw out statements like, “Well, you know, black people don’t understand what it’s like, because of their history”, well, that’s attractive to a crowd that isn’t versed in critical thinking. They think, “Hey, I am black ( or a woman, a minority, LGBT, elderly, single mother, low income, *insert other category here*), so I think I agree with that.” It’s all just group think that associates us all into convenient little sections. MORE

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