“It’s like, China huge”

China certainly came up with a unique way to announce to the world that they are working on their 13th Five Year Plan.  They put it to music and made a cheesy video.


I feel confident in saying this is going to be the weirdest thing you’ll see today.



8 Comments on “It’s like, China huge”

  1. I found that to be very, very creepy.

    The Chinese cannot be trusted, even with their own propaganda videos.

  2. It will take 7 years to devise the 13th Five Year Plan, making the 13th Five Year Plan obsolete 2 years before it is finished. Therefore, we need to start work on the 14th Five Year Plan immeditely so that it will only be 1 year obsolete when finished, unless intervening events force a revision of the 12th, 13th and 14th Five Year Plans – in which case we need to start working on the 16th Five Year Plan and just skip the 15th Five Year Plan because eventually the central government planners need to catch up to the 20th century.

    Vote for Bernie Sanders, because a system like this is just too fucked up to not be worth at least some laughs.

  3. If you wanna know what China’s gonna do
    You gotta pay attention to the Shi san wu
    Those commie bastards, they don’t have a clue
    If you don’t play along bid your ass adieu
    Your ass adieu, your ass adieu

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