It’s Not A Gangsta Memorial Until Someone Gets Shot

Dubbed the “sandwich shooter,” VanDerrit Myers was shot two years ago this week in the Shaw district of St. Louis (my old neighborhood).  A vigil of about 20 or so people was held on the corner of Klemm and Shaw when shots rang out and three people were wounded.


More on the Myers shooting Here and Here

Myers earned his moniker because his mom claimed he was just standing out there on the street eating a sandwich that the off duty officer mistook for a gun.  She never did explain why her son ran from the neighborhood patrol vehicle or how he fired on the off duty officer with his sandwich.


5 Comments on It’s Not A Gangsta Memorial Until Someone Gets Shot

  1. I thought I’d be reading about a funeral in CA. lol.
    Well, it ain’t much of gangsta anything unless someone gets shot, no?

  2. judging from the picture I guess I can make this quip:

    That’s the last 45 you’ll ever hear

    I’m here all week folks! Tip your bartender….

  3. watch your back and front at all times- never go out alone especially at night- trust no one- its a revolution since Obama.

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