It’s Not “Free Speech” To Employ Cyber Harassment


Five people are facing felony charges for tweeting or retweeting a photo of a New Jersey cop in a Blue Lives Matter face mask. When protester Kevin Alfaro tweeted a photo of the Nutley officer, saying, “If anyone knows who this b—- is throw his info under this tweet,” the officer’s identity apparently was not revealed, but he found out Detective Peter Sandomenico’s name when he received a summons for cyber harassment, a fourth-degree felony, the Verge reports. Four people who retweeted the post face the same charge, which carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. The legal complaint states that the tweet caused the officer to “fear that harm will come to himself, family, and property.”

A lawyer for 20-year-old pharmacy technician Georgina Sziszak, one of the retweeters, says they were exercising their First Amendment rights and he finds the felony charge perplexing. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Alan Peyrouton tells the Washington Post. “How could this rise to the level of a crime? She just mindlessly retweeted.”


Mindlessness is not a crime?

What if I mindlessly run over someone blocking my car?

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  1. As opposed to mindfully running over someone blocking your car – which could be anything from an act of self-defense to premeditated murder.

    With respect to Antifa rioters, the only problem with the car method is that their heads usually don’t come off.

  2. Honestly officer, I only mindlessly retweeted that picture of me sniffing that underage girl’s hair. How does that make me a pedaller, err, petey b, err, pedo… something or other. You know, that thing

  3. A 20 year old pharmacy technician got a 2 year online degree and is the person that takes your money and hands you your pills and a 3 foot receipt…. occasionally they might count out some vitamins…he or she has NOTHING to do with filling out the script….aw, he or she might confirm some shit with the Doctors or the Doctors technicians….They will also point you to the NyQuil isle or to the foot in mouth meds….

  4. Same assholes who were all for charging the man in Austin who was violently attacked by ANTIFA carrying an AK with first degree murder when all evidence suggests there is every reason to doubt there is any legitimate reason to charge him with any violation whatsoever.


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