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It’s Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature

Red State

Nancy Pelosi increasingly continues to reach beyond her “normal” loony self, prattling on about one nutty thing after another. In this silly episode, Madam Speaker assures America that Mother Earth is apparently pretty dang happy right now — at least less “angry” — because House Democrats have apparently saved the planet (temporarily, of course) by passing their ridiculously-named “Inflation Reduction Act.” More

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    ^^^^^ that vid goes good with the fat kid article.
    Flys won’t land on that stuff and your digestive
    guts don’t know what to do with it……

  2. Because Rancid Nan seems to be more and more living in a world that exists solely inside her head, somebody should suggest that she follow in the footsteps of Bart Huges, the Dutchman proponent of trepanation who performed that procedure on himself.

    Many ancient cultures used to drill holes in people’s skulls in the belief that it would let the demons out. Hey, Nan! Give it a try! I mean, it couldn’t hurt.

  3. It’s beyond obvious that these mind-numbed, Satan loving, lobbyist incentivized, Anti-American pieces of shit are inconsolable, ignorant and not worthy of saving.

    There is NO WAY to coexist.


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