It’s not “radical islam” it’s… it’s… Well… Uhhh…

Obama sidesteps ‘radical Islam’ in quest for alternative explanations for terrorism.

WT: President Obama defended his refusal to name “radical Islam” as a threat by saying he didn’t want to legitimize terrorist claims to a religious war, but critics say it is part of a pattern of denial and deception when the administration explains its dealings with the Muslim world.

The knee-jerk decision to redact references to Islam in the Orlando shooter transcripts was the latest attempt by the Obama administration to edit or hide information about Muslims or Islamic governments.

Similar moves began as soon as Mr. Obama took office with the deletion of “radical Islam” from the government’s anti-terrorism playbook and was repeated from classifying the Fort Hood shooting as workplace violence to blaming the attack in Benghazi, Libya, on a YouTube video and dismissing the Islamic State. MORE

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  1. Muslims win in the end anyway. Christian Europe is reproducing at a rate of 1.4 kids per family unit. Muslims in Europe are reproducing currently at an average of 8 kids per family unit. It’s not much better here. Within 50 years they win.

  2. Brad, yup, Mark Steyn wrote a good book on that very subject. “America Alone”, if that doesn’t wake you up you’re probably a lefty.

  3. bb and others,

    no, god wins in the end, jesus was not simply a loon hung on a cross

    yes, islam wins the battle, but loses the war, ugly ugly coming

  4. There was a day when the definition of a ‘man’ drew visions of strength, truth, and character….When referencing the WH today……Not so much.

  5. Concerning that Barky quotation in the graphic, every definition of the word “slander” – whether noun or verb – says it has to do with making false statements or reports about a person.

    To date, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody slander that syphilitic, murderous, child-molesting, delusional, megalomaniacal, and genocidal fellow Mohammad.

  6. :, True.
    When we do fight these bastards toe to toe we will be taking on the armies of Satan
    Brutality, rape, cruelty, nice religion you got there Mustapha

  7. New talking points – for what it’s worth.

    ISIS, ISIL, IS, DAESH, Al QAUEDA, TALIBAN, whatever their name this week is. Those guys. THEY are saying they are muslim. They are saying they are fighting for Islam. They are using the names Allah and Mohammed.

    If they are a small minority, the majority need to step up to the mic RIGHT NOW in number and deal with these imposters.

    That’s what they are saying, right? These muslim apologists? That ISIS is not islam? ISIS sure thinks they are islam.

    So-Called peaceful islamists need to deal with this problem NOW, because it is THEIR problem first as long as they are hiding behind the claim that ISIS is not islam.

    If they don’t deal with it pretty quick then the rest of America will deal with it and it’s gonna be messy.

  8. “When you say Islamic, you are talking about an adjective of Muslims, and when you say Islamism you are talking about an ideology, a dystopian ideology that tries to recruit from among Muslims,” Cagaptay says. “Obviously, these two things are extremely different.”

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