“It’s Not Too Late, We Can Make Our Country Great Again” – Scott Walker – IOTW Report

“It’s Not Too Late, We Can Make Our Country Great Again” – Scott Walker

Walker officially announces that he is running for president.

He sounds like Reagan campaigning in the wake of the Jimmy Carter years.

I do believe if Obama wasn’t black the report card would be much, much different, and Walker’s assessment, that we are no longer great, would be universally acknowledged.

The frustration is that we are dealing with two types of imbecile on the left. There are the ones that are unwilling to acknowledge that a leftist, particularly a black leftist, has driven us into the dumper, and then there are the others, the ones that are happy that America is no longer the greatest country.

Either way, leftism must be eradicated.

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20 Comments on “It’s Not Too Late, We Can Make Our Country Great Again” – Scott Walker

  1. The plan has always been and will still be to blame Bush and those evil Tea Partiers. The left will hold to their belief that, if Hussein hadn’t done what he did and that Hitlery needs to continue doing more of the same, things will get a lot worse under anyone else. Diabolically clever!

  2. Make room in the clown microbus for one more.

  3. Unlike the democrats clown car Hillary fills it all by herself!

  4. annnnnnnnnnnnd….Joe Biden…on the short bus…..LOLOLOLOL

  5. Another F’n RHINO………..No!

    Trump’s an idiot but at least he’ll build the wall and that works for me.

  6. Let’s hope he runs on three key ideas.
    1. Raise taxes. Taxes are a necessary evil. Let’s maximize our revenues and minimize our pain. Lower tax rates, especially on the rich and watch the money flow in. In 1980, the top marginal rate was 70% and the federal government took in 500 billion. In 1988 the top marginal rate was 28% and the feds took in 960 Billion, nearly double. Couple that with decreasing and eliminating unnecessary spending and viola, we’re back on track.
    2. Fix immigration. If you’re not supposed to be here, get out. Enforce current law. I9 verification, stiff penalties for companies hiring illegals, stiff penalties for landlords renting to illegals, no federal moneys to states that give welfare and other goodies to illegals and watch them all go back home. No fence. No arrests, no muss, no fuss.
    3. Shore up our Defenses. Let the world know that we are back in business. Play nice. Or else. Iran and Nukes? Not a chance. Thanks for asking. China and Taiwan? I’d rethink that. Russia? Knock it off. Europe, Japan, South Korea? You’re on your own.

  7. A conservative? … a true conservative? At least a candidate with a record of doing what is right instead of what others feel is popular. Scott Walker, in my opinion, will be at the top of the list of candidates.

  8. The difference, Farmwife, is that Hillary can actually win whereas the misfits of the clown car can only energize a small faction the batshit crazies, coming up short on the national stage.

    How about a Trump / Nugent ticket? That oughta do it.

    Go Trump!

  9. Why didnt you say you was a Trump Fan, I am too!!

  10. Walker, America’s Ranger.
    He can clean this country up.
    Go Walker !
    Certainly no RINO here.
    He is the real deal.

  11. All the republicans in my family who are old enough are going to run for President in 2016.

  12. I don’t know how to contribute to this site, but here is a great link with incredible insight on Governor Walker. A great read.


    Certainly worth the time if indeed you enjoy conservative politics.

  13. I gung be runyan ffo presidunce an whant y’all all to get out ther an vote for me! More than wunce! An Miss Hillarity gon be my bitch wunce she get a tast o Mr. Wiggly!

    An I whant Ronnie Ward what be my Vy Presidunce cuz he almose smaht as me! (an he can reed Ostrallian)

  14. How can Walker be a contender?

    He has a BALD SPOT!

  15. Prog smasher! Great read. Hopefully everyone takes the time to read. Listening to Scott now on the TV.

  16. It’s to late for the Republic, she’s dead and until you kill the brain dead protards that killed her, resuscitating her is just a fantasy.

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