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It’s official: Fox News reveals Megyn Kelly will interview Donald Trump


WT: It’s official. Fox News primetime host Megyn Kelly will conduct her first sit-down interview with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump since the pair sparred during the first GOP presidential debate in August.

The interview will take place in New York, to air on an upcoming Fox special titled “Megyn Kelly Presents.” The big day is May 17 at 8 p.m. Fox News plans to air extended portions of their encounter the following day. more

25 Comments on It’s official: Fox News reveals Megyn Kelly will interview Donald Trump

  1. A manufactured controversy, to increase the numbers of trump votes and fox viewers.

    Those who choose to manipulated will enjoy the “softball” show….. you know it’s just business. Fill the election box of an ever evolving trump and the deep pockets of fox.

  2. The Trumpletons here mocked me when I said long ago that they would end up singing her praises because Trump would tell them to.
    The interview will air, the talking points will be sent out, and all of Trumpletown will rejoice in the glow of this woman who they will claim to have always loved.
    Worked with Carson, didn’t it?

  3. Just as Scott Adams predicted…

    “Megyn Kelly already likes Trump. He did wonders for her career. She’s a professional, not a victim. She handled everything great, in my opinion. I became a fan because of it.

    Both would benefit (greatly) by a one-on-one interview. Imagine the press. And they both know it.”

  4. For the haters –

    She’s qualified for it – she already told Howard Stern she loves big dicks and knows how to handle them.

  5. More free TV time for Trump? Naw….not possible.

    How about something relevant like having Cruz on your show to talk about the Constitution and ways in which Obama has violated it?

    I’d say you could ask Trump but he’d look at you with a blank stare and say “…the what?…..Oh, did I tell you about two Corinthians?”

  6. The dress is borrowed wardrobe from the Fox production “The Farce Re-weakens” never playing in a theater near you. Fair & Balanced has become Farce & Blather.

  7. My mind doesn’t usually gravitate to things like this, but does her dress look somewhat like a dominatrix get up? Unfortunate use of black in a dress.

  8. (after finishing the Tango)
    Donald – “You are now carrying my child.”
    Megyn – “How is that possible?”
    Donald – “It is the mystery of the dance.”

  9. “JS
    April 26, 2016 at 10:09 am
    I would have thought she would have more tattoos.”

    That isn’t a dress she’s wearing.

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