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It’s Official: Stimulus Checks Drove Inflation

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Four economists at the Federal Reserve say the high rate of inflation in the United States compared to the rest of the world is due to the COVID-19 stimulus checks given to Americans during the pandemic. The direct payments to American citizens enlarged the money supply enormously and overheated the economy. More

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  1. Guess when those started! Thats right it wasn’t Joey, but … 2nd hint, his name was on the checks.

  2. Yeah, sure, bullshit. so why am I paying nearly $2 a gallon more for gas since joey became presidunce a year ago and why chicken prices have nearly doubled since then. Everything costs more, thanks for nothing joey. You’re starting to make jimma carta look like a piker, asshole.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the goobermint(s) owes us all a lot more for what they’ve done since the bioweapon was leaked.

    But let’s blame it all on the stimulus checks instead of CONgress’s wasteful spending/tax increases/gross financial fines/etc. since at least I’ve been alive.

  4. Of course the biden* admin lied about it being 2 grand.
    They included and thus subtracted $600 from Trump’s administration.

    They even fucking dawdled doing that, but Ukraine needed money so all the assholes AND I DO MEAN ALL THE ASSHOLES INCLUDING REPUBLICANS WERE FUCKING JOHNNY ON THE SPOT!

    A nuclear football detonated in DC would do the country good…

  5. My son showed me Tons of TicTok Videos of Teens/Twenties (16-24) Buying High End Luxury Products with Stimulus Money like $$$ Shoes, Hand Bags, Fancy watches etc.

  6. I smell BULLSHIT!

    The total “stimulus” was about 1.7% of the GDP.
    The US Budget increases by $3 Trillion, of which (roughly) ONE HALF a Trillion went to “stimulus.”
    Where’s the other $3.5 Trillion?
    And how did that force the Fed to print more money?
    Lying sacks of monkey shit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. $2.5 Trillion

    sheesh …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Kcir – I swear I don’t have Drain Bamage, Yet
    “APRIL 10, 2022 AT 4:30 PM
    My son showed me Tons of TicTok Videos of Teens/Twenties (16-24) Buying High End Luxury Products with Stimulus Money like $$$ Shoes, Hand Bags, Fancy watches etc.”

  9. Its a contributor but certainly not the main cause.

  10. The main cause of inflation is on Pennsylvania Avenue, occasionally.

  11. It won’t take long for the gas pump to eat stimulus checks.
    But that’s only for the working people.
    Although my sister has been on welfare her whole life and put 80,000 miles on a car. She blew it up and wanted me to give her another one.
    It’s just not worth helping some people.

  12. Hand me the phone, I’m calling 1-800-BUL-SHIT.
    I remember that some asshole told us “inflation is good”!
    – But then we’ve also been sold some fairy tales about:
    White supremacy
    Systemic racism
    Conservatives are domestic terrorists
    Afghanistan was perfectly executed
    Our hospitals are over-loaded with COVID victims
    The open Southern border is not a crisis
    Joe Biden has over-performed
    Our burning cities were “mostly peaceful protests”
    There was no election fraud

    Nothing has driven inflation like the hike in energy! Stimulus money may have been a contributing factor, but it is the cost of energy that directly affects everything across the board!

  13. I don’t really care which what it’s put, but Thatcher was 100% correct: “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

  14. Jimmah Catah 2.0 – how to NOT print your way out of inflation!!!

  15. What was it that Americans received from the multi-trillion stimulus bills? Oh that’s right: 11%. The other 89% had nothing to do with inflation, riiight, gotcha.

  16. Federal Reserve isn’t federal anything and deep state to the core. I believe nothing they say about anything.

  17. Like many stupid greedy men, Joe Biden once again made another wrong decision.

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