It’s only a matter of time – there’s never been a more feeble president

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  1. BrandonBiden is not that feeble to be able to immerse himself in pedophile and race supremacy activities, nor of joining drug-addled womanizing Robert F. Kennedy Jr in jealously bashing prezT in the book Kennedy Jr recently wrote about Fauci Mengele from his (Kennedy’s) floating castle in the sky.

  2. Far be it from me to defend the decrepit old bastard but shit for brains was feebly asking where he was supposed to stand not where he was.

    That’s pretty clear and I detest it when our side takes things out of their actual context to score political points, that’s a Demonrat tactic.

    Nevertheless a real President would never ask where he should be, did you ever see PDJT ask a trembling child like question such as this? That is real dementia the Pedo is exhibiting along with his shuffle steps like to he’s forgetting how to walk..

    That should have been the subject of the article not a misconstrued gotcha moment.

  3. They were staging the useless fake social distancing after they all huddled in together. The left is incapable of the truth

  4. He still has Hell to look forward to.
    Fuck him, fuck his handlers, and fuck the assholes who illegally and fraudulently placed him in office and keep him there.

    Oh – and Fuck Joe Biden.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Tim – FJB
    DECEMBER 9, 2021 AT 6:26 AM
    “He still has Hell to look forward to.”

    Where are you? Your seating is right over there, in the Lake of Fire, here, let me show you…

  6. This is f@!king embarrassing!!! This guy has access to “The Button”….I wouldn’t let him have access to the remote control to the TV!!!

  7. I hoid they started tuning up the eternal flame from the granite sculpture of a giant rectum they plan on installing at his grave site…

  8. …that sure is a clean toolbx with nice paint on it, almost like its just there aza prop and has never actually been used for any work, much like The Pedo himelf..

  9. Is that guy actually blind? I’ve never seen a blind person use a cane just straight out ahead like that, they tap from side to side as well as ahead to get a more complete picture of their walking environment.

  10. @ Illustr8r DECEMBER 9, 2021 AT 2:22 AM

    Of me, I’m totally and unequivocally indifferent to any suffering that befalls any prog. They brought it on themselves as an unintentional consequence of their own inhuman and fully intended efforts to inflict increased suffering, misery and death on innocent people.

  11. @ JDHasty DECEMBER 9, 2021 AT 9:10 AM

    Should read Not me,…

    There is a problem with the site autofilling absolute nonsense and recently the site crashes my iPad and this makes it very difficult to proof read before posting because the window before the site crashes is only about 30 seconds.

  12. When Joe Pedo came out of his dementia, that black guy standing next to him really frightened our fake racist “president.”

  13. Anymouse,
    I try to be indirect and oblique so as not to offend anyone.
    I DO hate to be offensive. We have many delicate souls (e.g. anonymous) who are as little violet flowers that the mere puff of a breeze would shatter.
    Tell your friend I must insist upon maintaining the sugar coating – it’s for the l’il chillens and the delicate flowers among us.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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