It’s Pence

Trump announces officially that Mike Pence is his choice for vice president.

Press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

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  1. Who was it that started the TP meme? I got a couple:
    America can use TP, Venezuela can’t.
    The stain of Socialism doesn’t happen when you have TP.

  2. I think I had the first TP line on here.
    I honestly did not care who it was. I mean seriously, after GHWB, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney I really can’t see how any Republican could be pissed that Donald Trump is the candidate.
    At least Trump is for America – those other guys – well, I didn’t like any of them. They sure weren’t conservatives and that’s a fact!

  3. Why did he choose him? Is he a stand-up conservative? or is he styled after the typical DC conservative?

  4. Pence didn’t endorse Trump during the primary (although he touted him highly). What does that say about The Donald’s character? TONS! 😎

    Lick my non-Mormon balls Glenn Beck!

  5. Like the song says, Trump wants to rock the boat, not tip it over.

    He wasn’t my favorite but I don’t see it as caving to establishment forces. At the first sign of disloyalty, he’ll be relegated to ribbon cutting ceremonies.

  6. Anonymous, not the one on this post. The one I’m talking about is the official Trump campaign logo. They need help. I like this one.

  7. I’ll throw this out . . . remember Kasich? He won’t speak at the Repubican convention in Cleveland (his home state) but WILL speak at the NAACP convention in Cincinnati.

  8. The country needs TP to clean up the Obama mess of the last 8 years – I predict the Donald will go there

  9. Mike Pence, a “Scoop” Jackson democrat whose party left him, as it did Ronald Reagan. Great pick.

  10. Well, that’s it!
    I’m done!
    No more shenanigans!
    Who’s your daddy?
    Can’t cut the mustard, but can cut the cheese!

    I have NEVER (first voted in 72) pulled the lever (or marked the oval) based on the VP – NEVER.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. How strong is Pence. Trump needs a strong VP to stand up to him and say no if Trump starts down the wrong road (that road could be anything, remember that Trump has been on both sides of an issue way more then once). If he’s a strong, mostly conservative guy, who smart, well-spoken and exudes strength and steadiness then it’s a great pick. He also ought to be bold enough to go right after Warren in the debates (assuming Hillary picks her as VP) and chew her up over her lying about her heritage thus costing a real native a chance, her running private cases out of her Harbard office, her representing the very people she now excoriates etc.

  12. Who cares. VP’s only role is to speak well, look good and perform in the debates. Pence seems like a solid guy to me. I know he’s been a pretty conservative gov. Ann Coulter is about to lose her mind b/c it’s not Christie. I personally can’t stand Christie/Gingrich so this is fine with me.

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