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‘It’s really horrifying’: Heating oil prices topping $6 a gallon in Massachusetts

Sun Chronicle: While the winter may be over, sky-high home heating oil prices continue to plague many area residents on tight budgets.

Cool days and cold nights this spring and the need for hot water year-round mean thermostats remain on and oil tanks can’t be allowed to drain dry once the seasons change.

Home heating oil costs the past week have spiked to over $6 a gallon — double the price of a year ago.

At least one area fuel business is making deliveries of half an oil tank instead of the usual full tank.

“I get them all the time,” state Rep. Jim Hawkins, D-Attleboro, said of calls for fuel help. “They are not isolated. They usually also have issues with rent, food. It’s hardly only one issue.

“I’ve heard some horror stories what people are paying (for heating). Some people are really suffering. It’s really horrifying what some people are going through.”

The legislator typically refers callers to area agencies, including Self-Help and the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative.

“People are in a real squeeze in the community,” Hawkins said.

The state Legislature has allocated more money for fuel assistance this year, he noted.

Area human service and senior center staff are also fielding requests for heating fuel help, though some say they haven’t seen a significant rise in recent weeks.

“We have seen an uptick in requests for assistance for oil and electric from last year but not really out of the ordinary,” said AnneMarie Fleming, health director/public health nurse in North Attleboro. “We always see the majority of requests for oil in October and May after the protections are lifted.” more

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  1. Propane was $2.87 when I got a delivery this month. $550 used to fill the tank but now it is only half a tank.

  2. Oh, and our electric bill is up from around $80 – $100 per month to $240.
    And expected to go 50% higher this year.

    Crushing the middle class!
    On purpose

  3. As a dirtbag once said “elections have consequences, and energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.”
    So everybody gets to suffer, well almost everybody.
    We have only just got started.

  4. Just so you know … this fillup or topping off the tank will be the last of the season. We’ll use just a bit over the summer making hot water but won’t turn the heat on again till October 15th give or take.

  5. @ TRF
    That’s if the W H O
    let’s us outside.
    On the 22nd of this month they are trying to sign into law worldwide control of health to the WHO over ALL gov.
    Power to do as they wish for our safety.
    It’s coming because they are losing control and people are waking up because of the economy. The red wave must be stopped at any cost.
    They will completely suspend the Constitution.

  6. ‘It’s really horrifying’: Heating oil prices topping $6 a gallon in Massachusetts

    Now that is funny-Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  7. Collapsing the system is the goal. Unaffordable utility costs, unaffordable prices for food, skyrocketing rent and housing costs. Then, make all of it scarce. Assist in creating food and energy shortages.

    Mix in millions of illegals crossing the border requiring food, clothing and shelter. Combine those basic needs of the illegal hordes with health care, education and whatever else the country is providing of which we are kept unaware.

    When critical mass is attained, when rioting is occurring across much of the nation, the progressives, the globalists, will announce that they have the solution to all of our problems, our issues. But for them to make all that happen, we must grant them powers beyond any that they have ever had prior. It’s the only way.

    And the masses will accept this willingly because it’s the only option they’ll have. At that point things will get very serious. Compliance will be of the utmost importance should you desire to live. We’ve already been marginalized to a great degree, we’ve been dehumanized pretty much in totality. The next course of action for us under the great reset will be elimination.

    Their plans be necessity require total compliance.

  8. Heating oil is roughly the same stuff as diesel fuel, which is now $1.50 more per gallon than regular. All by design to screw the maximum number of people. Fuck you Massachusetts, you voted for this.

  9. This morning news had a long segment on the price of bread going up by 35%. Why, wheat shortage from, you guessed it, Ukraine.
    US wheat production 2020 – 49,690,680 tons
    Ukraine wheat production 2020 – 24,912,350 tons
    Ukraine is small on the wheat production list.
    Maybe we keep what we produce.

    Top 10 Wheat Producing Countries (in tons of wheat produced 2020)*
    China — 134,254,710
    India — 107,590,000
    Russia — 85,896,326
    United States — 49,690,680
    Canada — 35,183,000
    France — 30,144,110
    Pakistan — 25,247,511
    Ukraine — 24,912,350
    Germany — 22,172,100
    Turkey — 20,500,000

  10. The democrats have it all under control, be sure to keep voting for them, next year it will be even better.

  11. The answer is not giving more taxpayer money for some to buy heating oil. But Dems in Massachusetts would never consider saying to this Administration, “Enough!”. What do you expect from a state that gave Ted Kennedy a pass for all those years?


    90% Joseph ShitPants Fault!

    Natural Gas is STILL the cheapest option.

  13. @Toenex May 6, 2022 at 11:10 am

    > They will completely suspend the Constitution.

    The Constitution is why they are. But, yes, that briar patch does look mighty skeerty.

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