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It’s Starting To Turn Toxic Out There For Democrats

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

Just days before midterms, it’s starting to turn toxic out there for Democrats.

After a certain amount of blather about the red wave vanishing, it’s back, with a vengeance, polls say, and Democrats look powerless to stop it.

Start with the obvious here: President Trump is the most popular politician in the country. 

According to Fox News, citing a New York Times poll:

More voters say they would vote for former President Trump than President Biden if the election were held today, according to a new poll from The New York Times and Siena College.

The poll of likely voters also showed Biden’s approval rating slipping below 40% for the first time since his boost in August. The NYT and Siena polled 792 registered voters in both English and Spanish over cellphones and landlines from October 9-12, reporting a margin of error of 4%. It found that the vast majority of Americans, 64%, believe the country is on the wrong track.

Trump narrowly beat out Biden in the election question, sporting 45% support to Biden’s 44%. Trump’s lead in that poll came despite 52% of the electorate saying they viewed him somewhat or very unfavorably.

That would be the same Trump who was raided by the FBI, saw tax evasion lawsuits thrown at him by the very determined and nakedly partisan New York attorney general, and was accused again and again of instigating the January 6 riots by the openly partisan, Democrat-handpicked January 6 commission.  He was the subject of many negative tell-all books as well.  All of these supposed calamities were bids to smear, discredit, and disqualify Trump from running for office. more

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  1. It’s amazing to contrast the 2 economies, Trump vs Biden. Then to see recent street interviews how much seething hate people have for Trump. They would STILL rather have a shit economy under threat of nuclear war with Biden than to see mean tweets. When pressed what they don’t like about Trump it’s *crickets*. When pressed what they like most about Biden, it’s either *crickets* or “He’s not Trump.” ORANGEMANBAD is all they know.

  2. Hopeium!! Step right up and get your Hopeium!!

    PS: Give us back control of congress so we can keep supporting Ukraine and covering up FBI and other 4th branch of government crimes!

  3. @ecp
    You are so right. People who I know are very intelligent people are completely struck dumb with their TDS. Part of their ability to maintain their TDS is they are affluent and can ride out the Biden recession without much injury. So, it’s OrangeManBad 24/7. That’s their happy place.

  4. Demonrats are satanic, everything they touch becomes poisoned and dies.

    They are a toxic stew of depravity, perversions, pedophlia, immorality, deception, slander, racism, bigotry, hubris, idolatry, stupidity, hypocrisy, lust, and sacrilegious hatred.

    My prayer is that our beloved country vomits out these foul demons by voting in enough numbers to overcome their cheating. I have to trust in the Lord that his will be done Nov 8.

    May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless and keep all of us in his mighty hands and protect us from Lucifer and his disciples who are intent on destroying America.

  5. They know they have lost their grip.
    Now they will set up the collapse of our economy to occur sometime after 2022 or 2024 so they can blame it on the hapless republicunts.

  6. Turn toxic implies that they possessed even an ounce of Christian virtue to loose and that water went under the bridge sometime in the preceding decades. WYF is wrong with people who it took this long to wake up and smell the coffee?

  7. Sweet Jesus right. Always good to defame the lords name along with f’n up what ever else you can. Coffvee I had that once never liked it though.

  8. Don’t underestimate zealous Nazis (hard core Demonrats).
    They DO NOT CARE and will destroy this country rather than allow it Freedom and Liberty. Don’t imagine for an instant that they will forgo Nuclear Armageddon if they believe they can feast off the carcass.

    Similarly to their Master, they’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

    And if they have to burn the Earth to cinders to make it a reflection of Hell, then that is what they’ll do. Satan must have already promised them Dominion.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. We do our best work after midnight. Back the truck up, unload those “mailin ballots” & commence to counting. Weeee doggies.


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