It’s the Democrats Who Try To Suppress The Vote

The left is always accusing the right of trying to limit the votes of the poor and under privileged by trying to get people to provide some form of I.D. at the polls.

Local elections matter

But it’s actually the Democrats who make elections more cumbersome and confusing for citizens so that they have a better chance of getting their side elected. Five Thirty Eight explains how and why they do it (and have gotten away with it for so long).


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  1. Folks, make no mistake, we are surely in tumultuous times. These are the days where anybody who is logical, right thinking, religious, patriotical, patriarchial, are in the cross hairs cultural and from an extreme leftist elite (not all), are ramrodding an agenda that is anti-natural.
    Evil, with laws to back it up. Upside down.
    Poland just kicked out everybody in office and now everyone in office is right or center right.

    Can anybody sense that very recently, a strong push to erasicate the good is prevalent?

    Many of us believe, many of us haven’t checked up yet, but we know what we gotta do.

  2. the democrat election fraud disenfranchises the electorate by diluting their votes with fraudulent ones.

    the republican falsehood of being an opposition party to the democrats also disenfranchises the electorate by pretending to give them a choice.

  3. Poland has its shit together when dealing with reality. PC is not the norm over there. Instead, they tell it like it is.

    I’m doing my small part to help. Last night, I bought a fifth of Sobieski rye vodka and a fifth of Lukosowa tater vodka. When I got back to my crib I poured down the drain the last of my Absolut vodka. While I looked for it when I was shopping, but I couldnt find any of the Zubrowka rye/ bison grass vodka. Dammit.

    By the way, the Polish people know their history. Polish Prince Jan Sobieski commanded the army that turned back the Filthy Moslem Savage hordes at Vienna. Every sip of Sobieski vodka is a nice, polite Fuck You to the Filthy Moslem Savages and their Satan-inspired cult.

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