It’s time to run the midget sh#tkicker Fauci out of town

I will go where ever the hell I want to go, see whoever I want to see, and I will not wear a mask the entire time. Fauci can kiss my entire ass.
I am so sick of this Circus Peanut with eyeglasses. He better not let me catch his miniature ass in the streets.

AmericanThinker: The online Wall Street Journal yesterday trumpeted at the top of its home page: “Fauci Warns of Potential 100,000 Virus Cases a Day.”  The subheading lays out his threat: “Anthony Fauci said the U.S. is now recording about 40,000 new cases a day of the new coronavirus, and that ‘it could go up to 100,000 a day’ if people continue to flout advice on social distancing and face masks.” keep reading [everything Fauci says is being contradicted].

h/t Systemically Confused.

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  1. MJA for ANY Trump Cabinet position but especially Health and Human Services, 1/2021 – 1/2025!!

  2. Dr Fraud is a disgrace, hasn’t he done enough damage? No, now he wants to rub salt in the wound. Your right MJA, this guy needs his ass kicked to hell and back. 😬

  3. Why the hell is he still vomiting his shit as if he mattered? He should be hiding his head in a deep hole considering the huge misrepresenting of the debacle called COVID-19. What a joke.

    The man should be wearing a huge clown nose and wear squeaky shoes so we know he’s approaching.

  4. He is determined to stretch his 15 minutes into 15 years. Seriously, this kung flu shit is starting to wear thin. My town is under 50K population, but the mayor put out an order for everyone to wear masks in public places.

    This is not a major pandemic. It should not be classified as a pandemic at all. More people die of the regular flu, or automobile accidents each year than have, or will, die of the kung flu.

    This is just a ploy by the democraps and never-trumpers to trash the economy and prevent Trump from a second term. They should just give up. If they are paying attention at all, they would realize that The Donald is going to get 4 more years, no matter what the opposition does.

  5. This little shit Will do whatever it takes to make sure the Trump looks bad and loses the election

  6. Fauci himself said masks don’t work. Whatever he claimed/lied about them afterwards is irrelevant to me.

  7. I just posted this in the Bullpen, a very well-sourced article that is saying we are on the last legs of COVID-19 despite the recent increase in fearmongering.
    And the explanation for increased COVID hospitalizations is that people are finally going in for elective surgery – and are tested for COVID! Real metrics are ICU patients and deaths – although we know those are exaggerated as well.

  8. Depression era unemployment , tens of thousands of businesses gone forever, suicides, homelessness, stark misery, revolution and murder but we will reduce the rate of contagion and yes, we will all eventually get the virus anyway..sounds like a plan. Democrats are generally still getting paid, so we can pound sand.

  9. Fauci is a Clinton loving Democrat. I’m pissed and livid at McConnell, McCarthy and Pence all on the mask bandwagon. I bet at some point in the future they are going to find a host of health issues from morons wearing masks. Have you looked in your dryer lint after each wash?! You are breathing in particles from these craptastic masks often made with polyester and toxic materials.

  10. That horse’s ass of a governor here in Nevada is now sending people out into the field to fine businesses if their customers refuse to wear masks. They can ALL kiss my ass. I am NOT wearing a mask. You know who’s exempt from this ridiculousness in Nevada? THE HOMELESS.

  11. yeah, its fun to talk about what a fraud he is, but unfortunately, there’s nobody to do anything about it. Trump obviously won’t.

    The sad fact is, democrats run this country. It does not matter that we won elections, that our governors control over fifty percent of the states, etc. That is completely irrelevant. Whatever liberals want, they get. And enough of the republican party is determined to help the democrats get what they want that we can do nothing about it.
    There will be a slowdown in reopening, thats for sure. Because the democrats want it. Masks will become more and more required everywhere, and possibly a national mask order. Because democrats want it. Our lives are going to be fucked up all the way until the election. That is a fact. Because democrats want it and there are no republicans that will tell them to FUCK OFF.

    The republican party is not worth a shit. It is a sham.

    Mario Cuomo can kill thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes and if he is questioned about it, he will tell you to eat shit. If a republican governor is asked why don’t you shut your state down, the republican governor says ‘coming right up, anything else i can do for you democrats?’

    Yeah, i know. nobody wants to hear this. We’d rather blather on about how we’re fighting them. Except we’re not.

  12. We could cut the number of new cases of the ChiCom Plague tremendously and very easily: stop testing anybody who has no symptoms.

    I’m looking for a mask made of millinery net. It’s cloth, so should meet the boneheaded “cloth or surgical mask” mandate. It has the added benefit that people will see it when I stick out my tongue at them. Neener!

  13. Today my Doctor did a mini-rant about the uselessness of masks, Dr Fauci and Mike DeWine. He spent some time on the destruction of the economy. If he had a chance I believe he would punch the crap out of Fauci and DeWeiner.

    As an added bonus the antibody test shows I have Chinese virus antibodies. It appears I had the virus late last Fall and thought it was a low grade cold. BFD.

  14. I separate the mask issue from Fauci.

    The mask issue is like Pascal’s Wager which plenty of people bet spiritually on the side of caution.

    The Fauci issue is this smarmy fucking moron who snorts and rolls his eyes at his bosses in the background of their press conferences and then contradicts everything they say when he makes himself the center of attention.

    He’s the John Bolton of the Covid crisis.

  15. Tony “The Worm” Fauci is the self-anointed Don of the Medical Mafia.

    Too bad there’s no rival gang between which to catch Dr. Faustus in a July 4th crossfire.

    Failing that, I think a dry cleaning bag would be an appropriate mask-substitute for this shitweasel.

  16. I’m sure you already know this jerk is obsessed with Hillary Clinton in the manner of John Hinckley and Jodi Foster.

    He wrote “love emails” to Clinton saying her Benghazi Hearing performance “brought tears to his eyes.”

    This tiny twisted twerp is trying to murder the U.S. Economy to get Clinton to notice him.


  17. Somebody needs to tell Don Jr to get the message to his Dad that if he doesn’t get rid of Fauci, the democrats will win. States are allowing less restrictions on absentee voting because of this shit. Governors of all stripes and colors are believing the bureaucrats and making life hell.
    Get real doctors out there talking to stop this damn madness, if not as crazy as it sounds that dumbass Biden will win, their cheating due to covid will make sure of it.

    That’s the only way to stop the fear mongering is to change the message, you aren’t doing that with dumbass Pence and Fauci. I want the old Trump back that listened to his gut not his dumbass son-in-law.

  18. MJA: Be sure that mousetrap is set – and baited with a younger picture of hilary and her favorite scent (boiled cabbage, vodka or soiled undergarments?). A good trap might just snap his back or neck!

  19. Too bad there’s more people who are sheeple than there are people like me who tell anyone who tells me to put a facemask on to “*uck off.” They back up – especially the women. I get in their face and tell them I don’t have to do Jack $hit, nor do I take orders from anyone. BTW, my name is Karen, wanna see Karen on steroids? Back up! They back up – way away from me. I go in the store, buy what I want and leave…there’s others like me, but I do the dirty work and I’m not afraid. Got the pepper spray handy JIC. 🙂

  20. MJA, you warmed my heart. I wish I could buy us a dinner and get drunk with you. Love your rant, and most of the commenters above. Sometimes I think I’m the only one screaming.

  21. Goldenfoxx, I’ve only had to do that once. They say I can give a bitch look that will scare anyone away.
    I do on occasion have to tell whomever is with me or out loud to myself if I’m by myself that if one more person looks at me like I have the plague for not having a mask on I’m going to knock the shit out of them. The person looking turns away in a hurry. Thankfully, there are way fewer around here still wearing masks, so I’m in the majority now. It was pretty bad though when they had everything closed and right after everything opened up.


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