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It’s Time To Take Down Any Muslim or Islamic Flags That Fly Anywhere In The United States

After the shooting at the church in Charleston (which somehow was designated a black church, which I found divisive and offensive and could very well be a motivation for a disenfranchised shooter) everyone acted swiftly to take down all imagery of the Confederate flag. Why this action followed the shooting is unclear, but it set a precedent.

In the wake of the Chattanooga shooting, by a Muslim, I call for the removal of all Islamic flags or imagery from the United States.

Islam has a history of terrorist acts that extend back as far as its inception. Islam has been a problem for the United States since its inception.

I feel that the flags and imagery of Islam are a trigger for me and causes me a lot of consternation. I get upset looking at it.

It’s time to do the right thing and remove all Islamic flags and imagery.

Thank you.

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  1. Damn right! Islam STILL has slaves. It’s about time we took these racist, sexist, slave promoting flags down for the good of the nation and the world.

  2. Close the Mosques and kick their asses back to the 8th century where they belong.

  3. Yep. Way overdue.

    At least Confederates were (are) real Americans, not 6th century fascist pedophiles…

    Sick #ucks don’t belong here.

  4. Well said BFH. That is only a start of what we should be doing. I’m going to send this to everyone that will still accept an email from me.

  5. Damn right. Eradicate all symbols of this death cult.

  6. Politico went further and said all white southerners were the problem. They went on to suggest that it would be a better country and better world if white southerners ceased to exist. I can hardly wait for the article from Politico saying the same thing about muzzies. Should I hold my breath?

  7. Also, it would be prudent to make Draw Mohammed an essential course at all common core public schools.

  8. Reading the Quran should be classified as a hate crime.

  9. And rainbow flags and banners. The “gays” that this flag represents are the ones that are attacking and bankrupting bakers, florists, and wedding planners. Ya don’t see any straight heteros doing that.
    I’m getting all wee-wee’d up just thinking about it.

  10. Glad to see someone else gets it and with the guts to say it. The Buddhists in Northern Myanmar lead by example, burn down their mosques/neighborhoods and drive them out, kill any who resist.

  11. Hungary is building a giant border fence using inmate labor to keep out invading Motards. Obama, he gives them the red carpet treatment.

  12. ABSOLUTELY!! Take down the islamic flags…worthless Dune Coons…..

  13. I’ve never seen one in my travels about the SF Bay Area, but you can rest assured I would confront those hoisting it anytime, rip it from their hands and shove it up their Koranus! Peace Out bitches!

  14. 1.You people do realize that is precisely what ISIS wants right. An over reaction by the US and taking away freedoms from people so they can can then proclaim we are liars about land of the free and are oppressive to muslims. Which only helps ISIS even more in their recruiting
    2. Just a hypothetical, but if a Christian terrorist did this would you all ask for Christian symbol to be taken down?
    3. 99.9% of muslims are peaceful people. These terrorists pick and choose phrases from the Quran, which they then use to influence people to fight against oppressive governments that are on their proclaimed territories (yes, we have made it worse by occupying land in Iraq).
    4. Would you all support destroying temples, synagogues, and churches as well if a terrorist that associated themselves with those groups?
    5. América is a land of freedom. If we start to take away some peoples’ rights simply because maybe one person of that religión or another person of a different ethnicity will commit some violence, then we have seriously lost track of what America truly means.

    Good day all

  15. Again, a radical Muslem wants to kill you, a moderate Muslem wants to see him do it. This ain’t Europe sister and you forgot home of the brave. You better get your people under control or we will. Got no problem with that,

  16. 1. My people are from India and I am a Hindu. But most importantly I am and American, born, raised and proud of it.

    2. Really? A moderate muslim wants to see me killed? Oh well I guess that would explain why there are muslims doctors saving lives. This is not about islam destroying everyone. These are a bunch of crazies who cite certain verses to back up their crazy ideas. That is nothing new, people have cherry picked as much as possible through out history to influence people and gain a massive following.

    3. Who said anything about Europe? If anything they have already start this, banning the wearing of burqas and use of minarets. But I believe curtailing peoples freedoms, most of whom are innocen American citizens is a very bad idea. A lot fo these people in ISIS joined because of the horrors we commited in Iraq like Abu Graib, we should learn from our lesson abd get the hell out of the middle east while we still can.

  17. Fuck what iSIS wants. We are going to give those pedophile goat-humping bastards exactly what they deserve.

  18. Yeah, and then you make them even more powerful. We did this exact same thing by invading Iraq, hoping to eliminate terrorism, and in the process through our indiscriminate war fare created even more terrorists who hate us for what we did to their country. We should not play right into their hands. Let us just get the hell out of the middle east. Hell even the conservative hero Ronald Reagan did that after a military complex in Lebanon was attacked by terrorists, killing over 200 marines. And in the process he avoided a long, costly and bloody war.

  19. If your Hindu I apologize for directing that comment back at you. A peaceful people. However you should take all your numbered points and compare them what’s happening in Europe right now. Sharia should not be acceptable especially to you.

  20. You are super liberal. Stop listening to your college professors and think for yourself for once in your life. This is now on our soil . They drew blood first . And there are no rules of engagement here.

  21. Sharia law, or really any religious law that superecedes the individual rights of people is something I am vehemently against. America is not Europe, we are better than Europe. And we should not stoop to the same level that terrorists do. They ban freedom of worship and expression over there. We are land of the free and the brave, and we must stay true to those ideals even if it may seem easier to abandon them. We should not harm the Islamic community, or any it her religious community. Because if we do, then how are we any better than ISIS? They will be defeated, but we shouldn’t risk what we as Americans stand for in the process.

  22. Maybe if we all chant loud enough they will just go away and leave us alone. lol

    Have you read the koran or the hadiths?

  23. I form my own opinions off of history, and lots of readings, from many different sources, from all perspectives. Just because I have some liberal beliefs, don’t assume it is because of liberal professors. This is not a war we can win on our own. How do you win a war when the enemy hides behind innocent people, and every us attack is met with how long disapproval because for every terrorist we kill, 10 innocent people die. ISIS will be destroyed, but it is not our job to do so. Let the people in the middle east worry about their own problems. The us should provide some support to the kurds, perhaps prmising their own state if ISIS is defeated, but we should not be sending boots on the ground. We should simply allow the kurds, Iraq, Syria, and Irán to deal with ISIS. They are quite frankly not pulling their weight, and I am tired of América fighting everyone el es battles.

  24. Help me remember did they fly those planes into the Twin Towers before or after Abu Graib. I can’t remember. Your arguments are nonsensical at best. If your an Americsn start acting like one.

  25. The twin tower were hit by Saudis! I honestly dont understand why we dont go after Saudi Arabia more, they are a higher sponsor of terrorism than anyone. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and bin Laden hid in Afghanistan and later in our “ally” Pakistan.

  26. Hmm. And what do they all have in common? Doesn’t matter, we’ll be force to dispatch them sooner or later anyway. Most Indians I’ve met are much better logical thinkers then you. I don’t think you’re being truthful about your heritage.

  27. So, Krishna, your answer to the koran reading question would be NO, then?

    You sound like a low-information progressive who makes decisions based on feelings instead of actual facts.

    Tell me, what brought you to this site?

  28. Yea not to mention us red necks here should be the last of her concern. I can director her to some recently retired military Instagram site that are mobilizing and organizing response teams. You fuck with the bull you get the horn

  29. Hell, I thought Krishna was a guy. lol. I wouldn’t have started with the F word if I had known it was a woman. But, does gender really matter with liberals these days? Naw. I don’t feel so bad.

  30. Written by a true Towel Head, Krishna Mahadevan

  31. I am a guy, a hindu and an Indian. I am not gonna lie about my heritage. I like to read all opinions, even those I disagree with. I am using logical thinking, please tell me how I am not. No I have not read the quran, but I have muslim friends and had read analysises and accounts by experts who say the terrorists distort and cherry pick the quran simply to instill and Indoctrinate young people.

  32. most southerns are peaceful,yet the c/flag is now linl with racism all over again,so lets just play evenly.if one nut job makes all of the south that flies a c/flag racist,then one nut job killing in the name of ishlam makes that flag racist.if your too stupid to realize you shouldn’t be paying attention to what a bunch of rapists,killers,liars says about somebody else,god help doesn’t mean your so called rights squash everything to do with the majority.doesn’t mean free to do you please,or does isis tell you that pedophiles should go FREE.

  33. I think everyone still accepts my emails but I’m almost certain only one person reads them.

  34. Not unless blue looks better on you than a nice tan.

  35. When I was growing up in America, my best friend was an American born Hindi from India. Them my other neighbor, the American born Muslim cut his fucking head off and slaughtered his entire family. End of American exceptional ism.

  36. That’s what I thought Krishna. Read the terrorist handbook, the one that every stinking jihadi terrorist quotes from. The quran is as evil as the child-rapist, murdering, thieving, camel urine drinking, illiterate, criminally insane pervert it is said to originate from — the pedophile muhammad (pork botulism upon him).

    I don’t know how you figure you can form any kind of credible opinion if you are not willing to do the research. The opinion you state is based on an incomplete analysis of islam; it is second hand. Hearsay makes for a weak argument. I will give you credit for being honest about not reading it, though.

    One thing of importance: when you get around to investigating the quran, if you start to have violent feelings or ideas, just light that evil book on fire and have no more of it. The world has enough jihadis already. Burn it regardless, when you’ve finished your research, so that it won’t influence anybody else to commit jihad. You’ll understand what I am talking about by the time you get half way through with it. Main subject is, “kill everybody who doesn’t agree with islam.” Especially Jews. Muhammad got a violent vaginal infection every time somebody said, “Jews.”

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