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It’s Tool Time


Pamela Anderson’s memoir, Love, Pamela, is due out next week, but one big reveal from its pages has already been leaked. Variety got its hands on a copy of the book, in which the 55-year-old Baywatch star relays an incident she says happened more than 30 years ago on the set of another show she appeared on: Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen. Anderson, who in one of her earliest TV credits played Lisa the Tool Girl on the ABC sitcom, says she was in her dressing room on her first day of filming in 1991 when she went out into the hallway, where Allen was standing in his robe.

“He opened his robe and flashed me quickly—completely naked underneath,” Anderson writes. “He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked. Now we’re even.” Her reaction? “I laughed uncomfortably.” Variety, which notes that Anderson was 23 at the time and Allen 37, explains that Allen’s quip about seeing Anderson naked likely referred to the fact that she’d by then become known for modeling for Playboy.

In a statement to Variety, Allen, now 69, denies the incident ever took place. “No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing,” he says.


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  1. Wasn’t she in a leaked porno with some rock star
    named Tommy. I think they were on a boat ???

  2. A friend of mine was my barber for decades. He was a decent, family man. The shop where he worked hired a blond bombshell with bodacious gazongas. She was young and fun-loving and a little wild. One day, she caught him glancing at her ample boobage, so she asked him if he’d like to get a one-time look at the goods. He froze. She pulled up her blouse and proudly displayed those massive puppies and told him he had five seconds to enjoy. When the five seconds were up, he stood there practically shaking as she laughed out loud and walked away. He never forgot that.

  3. The odds of this being true are directly proportional to the likelihood that an out-to-pasture celebrity made it all up to sell her book.

    I don’t care one way or the other but I will admit that she was very attractive, on the outside anyway.

  4. In the history of mankind, THE consistent indicator of the age of the male of the species is the vernacular in which he describes the upper chest region of the female of said species. Using carbon dating to narrow down “bodacious gazongas”, I would have to say that Dr. Hambone is one old dude.

  5. Trying to get on all the news networks and talk shows.
    Sad really.
    Plus the fact these women get so much plastic surgery to try to stay looking 20 they all end up looking like plastic dolls.

  6. ^^^ “…vernacular in which he describes the upper chest region of the female of said species…”

    quite a while ago, I was working quite remotely, with a couple of older Lithuanians. They would ask me: ‘did she have nice bumpers?’

  7. A woman whose fame included a “stolen” sex tape, and I’m supposed to believe that being flashed sets her all aflutter.
    Not buying it.

  8. I thought it was bodacious ta-tas?!? Heather Locklear was another hottie from back then that turned out a bit on the crazy side.

  9. @Wild Bill
    I started to use ‘bodacious ta-tas’, but because, like Rich Taylor said, I am indeed one old geezer, I opted to use the ever popular ‘bodacious gazongas. In the future, I’ll use boobie nomenclature that the youngsters in the group will recognize.

  10. Dr. Hambone, I owe you an apology. According to this site “gazongas” is acceptable;

    When you come right down to it, any affectation used can’t diminish the beauty of that which is described.

  11. Pamela, tell me why you need the public to hear this just to sell your book. Is it going to make any difference in anyone’s life on earth? It’s as cringe worthy as reading Harry Markle’s “SCARE!”

  12. I never watched Home Improvement, she was pretty cute when she was young. I’m assuming that’s a picture of her.

  13. “You see ’em on the street
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    Joe Walsh, “I.L.B.T.’s

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  14. She was beautiful BEFORE the silicone & Ho-Wood.

    Google the Labatt’s Poster to see what she looked like before enhancements. I was given one at a hockey game before she was famous and hung it in my gym room.

    She never impressed me afterwards.

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