It’s Turkey Huntin’ Time!

Crusoe & Oakley the Huntin’ Dogs: Turkey Time

If I don’t see you gu[yeah,I’mtotallyassumingyourgenders]ys before tomorrow, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Funny! They look like typical moron turkey hunters.
    Turkeys are probably the most challenging of all game to hunt. They aren’t very smart, but are very skittish and can see and hear the slightest disturbances.
    I have been lucky to bag three over the years and have their tail fan mounts in my den. There are actually five subspecies of wild turkey in North America: Eastern (most of USA), Osceola (Florida), Rio-Grande (South West), Merriam’s (Rocky Mountains), Gould’s (Mexico) and Ocellated (central America).
    I’ve been fortunate to see three types in the wild.

  2. My favorite turkey market is in Turkeyville and I went in there earlier today and it was full of turkeys. Some were frozen, some fresh, but most were walking around in need of slaughtering.

  3. I saw on of those nature shows that Ocellated Turkeys are endangered, and those kinky zookeepers at the Bronx Zoo have a breeding program going.

  4. LOLOL! What a GREAT way to start my day! Thanks MJA and Happy Thankgiving to you, Fur, Claudia, Dr. Tar and everyone else at IOTW!!

  5. @Brad
    They are probably escaped farm turkeys. They’ve been given everything their whole lives so they have lost all instinctive fear of those who mean them harm.

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