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It’s Unclear If Taxpayers Funded John Kerry’s Daughter

DailyCaller: Don’t expect to find details of Vanessa Kerry’s six-figure salary in the official records of the Department of State-funded nonprofit she started, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found.

The records are confused, incomplete and sometimes even contradictory. Some federal and state documents suggest the non-profit – Seed Global Health – compensates Kerry, its CEO, but others indicate that an unnamed “related organization” pays her salary. She is the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Peace Corps contracted Seed to carry out its State Department-funded Global Health Service Partnership – a program Kerry created in conjunction with officials from both agencies, TheDCNF previously reported.

Seed has never competed for the more than $9 million in State Department money it has received, even though the nonprofit failed to meet the original contract’s terms. Seed was organized in 2011 in John Kerry’s palatial Boston mansion.

The unidentified “related organizations” paid Vanessa Kerry $140,080 in 2014 and 2015, Seed’s federal 990 tax forms show. She is also a Massachusetts General Hospital physician and Harvard Medical School educator.


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  1. “an unnamed “related organization” pays her salary. ”
    Does the name of that organization start with a ‘C’?

  2. My G-D,they do not even try to appear to follow the law. At least in our parents day,corrupt politicians would have have loads of bids on a contract before secretly steering it to a cronies company. They knew it mattered to maintain a veneer of civilization over there crimes. Now,there are no lines between decent and criminal behavior! Thanks lefties and your moral relativism.

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