I’ve been blocked by The Raw Story

My comment didn’t get through because I’ve been blocked following a prior comment. What that comment was is a mystery.

This comment was in response to a story where the left has gone berserk over a Scalia statement. If you read the post you can get the gist.


I thought the left was the party of intelligentsia?

Is it really so hard to comprehend what Scalia said, even after the left REPEATS WHAT HE SAYS?

And Jerk Uygur cuts and pastes exactly what Scalia says and harumphs that Scalia has it wrong.

This is an embarrassment.


Scalia – “I think the main fight is to dissuade Americans from what the secularists are trying to persuade them to be true: that the separation of church and state means that the government cannot favor religion over nonreligion,”

Scalia is saying exactly what the constitution says. The state cannot establish ONE SPECIFIC religion as the “official” religion.

It’s not freedom FROM religion, it’s freedom of your chosen religion, whatever it is.

Here’s Egor –

“The Founding Fathers would be repulsed by people like Antonin Scalia,” Uygur said. “It’s not a theory — they already said they were repulsed by people like Antonin Scalia, who want to put their religion above all of us.”

Yes, dum dum. They were repulsed by the idea that ONE PERSON’S religion, “their specific” religion, be forced upon all, like Jews being forced into Christianity by the state.

Here’s Jefferson –

“State churches that use government power to support themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths undermine all our civil rights,” Jefferson stated. 

What’s the “state church”? Where is it? What specific religious tenet is being forced upon anyone? Where is the Jew coming forward with the complaint? Where is the Christian with a complaint? Where is the Hindu with their complaint?
All I see are atheists complaining, trying to strip the government bare of any remnant of any faith whatsoever, which is NOT in the constitution.

“Moreover, state support of the church tends to make the clergy unresponsive to the people and leads to corruption within religion. Erecting the ‘wall of separation between church and state,’ therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society.”

First of all, that is not in the constitution, but let’s fantasize that it is.
Coupled with the establishment clause, that the state cannot establish one specific religion as the state religion, this “wall” would work both sides, no?
The state should be separated from meddling with the church.


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I guess “Dum dum” and “jerk” is too harsh. I could stick to the words the left calls us, but my mother would wash my mouth out with soap.

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  1. Tough sitch. Idiots on the left have no clue when it comes to real history, i.e. what was published before circa 1913.

  2. {tongue-in-cheek}

    BigFurHat, I’m embarrassed for you. You seem to think that these leftist / collectivists have objective standards or procedures that might give a reasonable person some basis for both predicting their behavior and forming the basis for an appeal to reason when that behavior is objectionable. What in the name of all that’s holy has gotten into you? Have these cretins ever had a principled or objective molecule in their bodies?


  3. They’re pretty low IQ. I went ahead and banned MYSELF to save them the trouble of taking their thumbs out of their assholes to pound a few keys to do it themselves.

  4. Many PhD’s (not all) I’ve met in my life are literally the dumbest people I know. All indoctrination and erudite training, no practical experience or sense of honor, history or understanding the human condition.

  5. Never heard of the site. Must not like free speech.
    I got banned from LGF till I got a new smartphone. Then got banned again. Etc etc.

  6. Don’t know the website. Too painful for me to go to any lefty site, let alone comment. I get more than enough commie propaganda from Fox News. Am I too far to the right? Suspect there is no such thing.

  7. Damn Fur, you know it’s fruitless-you’re nothing more then a hateful, bigoted right winger to them and NO amount of reasoned logic will EVER dissuade them from that POV.

    But God bless you for trying.

    Personally, it’s down to crosshairs time here.

  8. “Is it progress if a cannibal learns to use knife and fork? — Stanislaw J. Lem

    And you wonder why you get that big throbbing blue vein across your forehead…you gotta stop trying to drill sense into these people because you will never change their basest beliefs. These people would stand immobile saying “I don’t believe this is happening” right up to the point where some muzzie hacks off their head.

  9. BTW. I was spiked by the Left Wing Irish Central when ever I criticized one of their “Journalists.”
    So I just gave up.

  10. Umm, leftwing smear merchant sites like Raw Story, TPM, Gawker, do not exist for the purpose of a two sided debate.

    There is one side and its opponents are an army of straw men. Their comments section are supposed to be an echo chamber. It is designed for people to never come into contact with an opinion other than the one they were already given

    The only purpose of your thinking otherwise is to irritate them. If you can live with that then have at it. I already know what they think on every subject and I hate their fucking guts. Let me play Zeke Emanuel and say they can’t die fast enough for me.

    The only purpose it serves for me to read them is to irritate me and I don’t need an excuse to get my blood pressure up.

  11. I go there because THEY WON’T COME HERE!!!!
    Isn’t it odd? iOTW has no registration necessary, no moderation, no “approval” system, yet, they don’t come here.
    It’s not like we’re a tiny unknown site.

    I wear THAT as a badge of honor, not being banned.
    They cannot handle the heat off their own court where they have their fucking lemmings doing their bidding.
    I go there and spar until I’m banned.
    They don’t even show up here, the intellectual pussies.

  12. You know why they leave when they do come? (And they always come in gangs, if you notice) It’s because we ask questions.
    We don’t just shut down what they say with verbal abuse (that comes later on), we ask questions that are necessary for them to answer in order for their argument to advance past the germ of their idea.
    They leave because they can’t answer the questions.

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