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I’ve noticed this. Have you?

Why do they blur the Presidential Seal?

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  1. Maybe it’s the first step in powerful people in disengaging Biden from the Presidency. Nothing else is blurred.

    However, it may be the work of a patriot that got by the gov’t nerds. If so he/she didn’t go far enough – should have had FJB covering the seal.

  2. Probably some sort of campaign law violation to show the seal. Not that the Democrats care about that sort of thing.

  3. A possible sign Xiden’s time pretending to be the U.S. President will end sooner than later. God is in the details.

  4. Is that like green and purple vapors from his farts and poopy pants obscuring and blurring the Presidential Seal? Joey is giving this great country the vapors literally and stinking up everything he says or does to high heaven. He’s become president Skid Mark.

  5. It’s happened alot.
    It gives me hope that he is NOT considered President, by a higher authority that lays low for a reason.

    Perhaps the Highest authority ?

  6. @Lowell

    I think that “Keeping it out of all the memes” is EXACTLY the reasons.

    Also, the seal is foggy just like pResident Bed Pisser’s Brain


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