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J.Crew fires exec who mocked mass firings

NYPost- A J.Crew vice president who The Post revealed had laid off members of his team and then mocked the firings in a string of drink-fueled party pics that he posted to social media got a taste of his own medicine.

Photo by Elizabeth Lippman  �07-18-08   Men Wear SHort Shorts.  Men show skin in dressed up shorts around the the city.  Alejandro RHett, (202)374-0774. Associate Mens Merchant at JCrew.
On the day the cruel pics were posted, Rhett had fired several workers who were among the 175 layoffs at the struggling company on June 10, sources told The Post.The preppy retail giant has reportedly fired Alejandro Rhett, vice president of men’s merchandising, over the incident, according to fashion site The Daily Front Row.


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  1. THANK YOU!! I was SO hoping that the douche in the photo was indeed the dude who was fired. Any guy wearing that kind of outfit isn’t fit to be in the work force.

  2. so, the douche who worked at the douche store got fired for being a douche.

    Noice, bruh!

  3. Ha!
    Dear middle management pukes,
    Here’s something the Boardroom knows:
    You are far less valuable to the bottom line than those rank and file employees that work for you.

  4. @GFY- Just about everybody south of Jacksonville including the expat NewYorkers of whom that dude is about to become one.

    He looks like a full-blown yuppie asshole, but has a scraggly beard, which no gay would tolerate or wear.

  5. Dumbass shorts – yes. But it’s the stupid cuffs and the fact that they’re neither gym shorts nor Bermudas but mid-thigh gay. Plus who wears shorts with a long-sleeved shirt, cuffed up or otherwise; not even gays. Polo or T-shirts or NO shirt.

    It’s 96º out here in Fla. Shorts weather.

  6. May the schwartz be with you!

    Get it? Huh? I done a funny, right?

    I made that up, too! Really …

    do I get some ice cream?

    Shorts – schwartz … see, it’s a play on words … Well, Barry and Reggie laughed …

    Moose got mad … started throwin shit.

  7. Looks like a cross dressing fag. Nice purse to go with its ensemble. Go back to homoland queer bait…

  8. He’s s dick but that’s regardless of being gay or not. He dresses bad, not gay. Gay is often used as common slang to mean lame, that can be ok, as it doesn’t actually design gay people. But the last comment actually insulted gays, but I guess he’s also not perfect. Plus there are crossdressers who at least have taste, unlike him.

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