“J” is for Jerk

The Lid: School Principal Bans Candy Canes Because The J-Shape Might Mean Jesus

This lady is nuts!  An Elkhorn, Nebraska grade school principal has banned candy canes during the Christmas season because she is afraid the J-shape of the candy might make students think of Jesus.

I checked, Elkhorn has at least three synagogues so it must have an ample Jewish community. Perhaps the “J” shaped candy canes made kids think of Jewish? Or the maybe even the traditional Hanukkah food “Jelly Donuts.” Actually, the “J” always reminds me of junk food. Most probably the J-shaped candy reminds kids that they love sugar.

This foolishness came from Omaha Manchester Elementary School principal Jennifer Sinclair who put out a list of things she was banning during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Sinclair outlined all her banned items in a letter home to parents telling students that they need to learn to be “inclusive and culturally sensitive to all of our students.”  Her list included:

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  1. Ms. Sinclair should not be within 500 yards of any child under the age of 18 much less the administrator of a grade school. Too many of these kooks have gained access to our education systems and are poisoning our children’s minds with their asinine viewpoints. This bitch is certifiably insane. Send her to the re-education camps ASAP.

  2. Im noticing more and more of this crap in the news in what is typically thought of as conservative USA. Utah, Montana, Nebraska, Arizona, etc. This is simply madness.

  3. What child ever wondered about a candy cane. I know it never occured to be it was a J. I though it was made that way to be able to hang it on a Christmas tree. I never heard it was a J for Jesus in my 74 years on this planet. I wonder if Jewish children thought is was a J for Jew? Or maybe Jehovahs Witnesses? Of course the JW’s don’t celebrate Christmas.

  4. I always thought it wuz to be able to hang candy on the Christmas Tree….. oh….I guess that would be a problem too, uh?

    Hey lady! (and I use the term loosely) Take yer Thought Control and shove it sideways!!

  5. @ Bill: I would buy a huge box of candy canes, and show up at the school and hand them out to all the kids when school is dismissed. Be prepared to go to jail.

  6. She has been put on leave. Google Jennifer Sinclair Manchester. Then images. Her official photo shows the mandatory crazy eyes.

  7. …you know, the reason that they make all these connections between “things” and Jesus that MOST people don’t think about, is because their need is SO great that out ever-merciful Lord is TRYING to call them. HE calls them any way HE can, which is why they hate SO many things…because, in their own hearts, they are convicted. They KNOW, deep down, Jesus is Lord, but that interferes with their worldview and their self-image, and COULD even require them to change their ways.

    …they think, then, of they get rid of EVERYTHING that convicts them to Jesus, that he’ll shut up and go away so they can ENJOY their sinning again. And yes, even HE will give up EVENTUALLY – see “reprobate minds” in Romans – He doesn’t do so willingly or quickly. He wants us ALL.

    So, when you see a shrill person like this hating on something that, to THEM, symbolizes our Lord, know that it is because HE is dealing with them, and DON’T hate them…

    PRAY for them.

    Pray that the Lord gets through. That they at last LISTEN. Its better for them. It’s better for US.

    And, it’s what the Lord WANTS.

    2 Peter 3:9
    “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

    John 16:8
    “And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment;

  8. @stop2think

    “Im noticing more and more of this crap in the news in what is typically thought of as conservative USA. Utah, Montana, Nebraska, Arizona, etc. This is simply madness.”

    …that’s because Obama seeded his “refugees” in places that used to BE conservative.

    It wasn’t an accident.

    “Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement means that “refugees will continue to come to Texas, albeit without the state acting as the middleman between federal dollars and local resettlement agencies,” according to the Austin American-Statesman.

    “Texas has repeatedly requested that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence provide assurances that refugees resettled in Texas will not pose a security threat, and that the number of refugees resettled in Texas would not exceed the State’s original allocation in fiscal year 2016 — both of which have been denied by the federal government,” Abbott said in a statement obtained by member station KUT.”


    “Syrian refugees admitted between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2016 were placed across the United States and their distribution was more spread out than the overall Syrian immigrant population (see Figure 2). California, Michigan, and Texas received the most Syrian refugees during this period, together accounting for 30 percent of the 18,007 total (California and Michigan with 11 percent each of all Syrian refugees, and Texas with 8 percent). In contrast, the broader Syrian immigrant population was more concentrated, with nearly 31 percent residing in California in 2015, followed by Michigan (9 percent) and Texas (7 percent).

    After terrorist attacks in Paris in December 2015 and elsewhere in 2016, 31 U.S. governors issued statements opposing the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states. Several states initiated legal challenges to the placement of Syrians; none have prevailed to date and voluntary organizations working with the U.S. government continue to resettle refugees across the United States.”


  9. How many more holidays are the Lefty Loonies going to wreck ?? — first it was Columbus Day, turned into Indigenous Peoples Day; then it was Halloween for No Cultural Appropriation on costumes, now it is Christmas (No Carol singing, No Candy Canes, No Nativity scenes, etc)…

    Absolutely no fun, no smiling, no singing…. who does it remind you of?

  10. If you don’t believe in Jesus then NO HOLIDAY for you. Keep working there is no reason for you to be off.

  11. I think the parents should get together and coordinate a day and then have every kid in the school show up wearing Christmas sweaters and reindeer horns and sing O Holy Night as hey walk into school in the morning. Silent Night at lunch and God Bless ye Merry Gentlemen as they leave This would show the school district who’s in charge and send a large loud FU to the principal and school board,it’s long past time we just refuse to go along with this shit

  12. Loretta… the Libtards will wreck as many ‘holidays'( originally meant holy days) as the people let them get away with destroying. The buck stops with those parents.


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