Jackie Speier and the errant paperclip

Patriot Retort: As boring as yesterday’s Shampeachment hearing was, it did afford a little comic relief thanks to Jackie Speier and the errant paperclip.

Here’s hoping Jackie doesn’t treat her staff the way Amy Klobuchar does.  Because somebody would get a binder thrown at him for letting the boss appear on camera sporting a paper clip in her hair.

What the hell? How do you get a paperclip in your hair?

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  1. She was one of those shot in Guyana. You’d think she’d know better than to throw in with some socialist democrat false utopia phony assholes. But no. No clue. She’s one of them and nasty as always.

  2. One of her aides probably has good aim and won a bet. She can’t be easy to work for, based on that fart sniffing, resting beotch face.

  3. Funny, I just watched on Amazon Prime Wings Season 1 Episode 7; Main character Joe knocks everything off of his desk and throws ex-girlfriend Carol on to his desk (marker 11:38). Later Joes’ brother Brian walking behind her says “Hey Carol, you’ve got a paperclip on your back” (marker 12:48).
    Perhaps Jackie got the paperclip in her hair the same way, someone throw her on their desk and they got down to typing some fast letters.


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