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Jailhouse Rock the Vote


Hope n’ Change: Members of the GOP are loudly complaining about Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order to restore the voting rights of 206,000 felons who are (ahem) “likely Democratic voters” just in time for the general election in November.McAuliffe said that the 150 year old law which he unilaterally rescinded was originally put in place to suppress the rights of black voters, suggesting that he thinks the words “black” and “felon” are entirely interchangeable. Which, sadly and statistically, is pretty much the case here.  more here

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  1. i read too quickly and thought the statement in the first frame said “my vagina is getting 200,000 felons to vote for me in november”

    yes, they’ve been in prison a long time, they’ll vote for any cunt

  2. Does that mean that because gun control laws were originally passed to keep free blacks from having firearms a conservative governor can “rescind” them and allow unlicensed carry?

  3. How is this legal? I want my daughter and son in law to move out of Va. Beach as soon as possible, just because. They’re looking for jobs elsewhere including moving back to my son in laws hometown of Padukah, Kentucky to work on the family farm.

  4. If these same Republicans had helped Cucinelli win the gubernatorial election in 2013, instead is bashing him for being a conservative, we wouldn’t be in this situation.
    It’s funny that ‘felons’ and ‘Democrats’ are entirely interchangeable.

  5. “professional courtesy”

    blew coffee all over, thanks.

    i’ll be laughing the whole day.

    i’m still chuckling.

    too funny

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