Jair Bolsonaro Introduces ‘New Brazil’ at Davos: ‘The Left Will Not Prevail’


Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro addressed the World Economic Forum at Davos on Tuesday, where he declared the country open for business while criticizing the policies and corruption of previous socialist administrations.

In what proved to be a short keynote address, the Brazilian leader made a pitch designed to excite foreign investors by promising to reduce the “heavy hand” of the state after years of sluggish growth and an economic crisis that saw skyrocketing unemployment and extensive civil unrest.

“I took office amid a great ethical, moral, and economic crisis,” he declared. “I want to introduce to all of you the new Brazil we are building. We are committed to changing our history.”  more here

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  1. I wished I could be more optimistic about Brazil. I was born and lived there for 28 years.

    Bolsonaro was in politics at that time, but I don’t remember ever hearing about him. I mean, for quite some time he was a willing participant in all the corruption that was going on in Brasilia.

    His sons are also politicians. The wife he has now, was some sort of secretary in the Congress when they started having an affair and he promoted her, so she would be closer to him. As First Lady, she promised to “fight for the little people.” Whatever that means…

    His Vice President, like himself, is a military.

    Brazil went from a military dictatorship, where we couldn’t never, ever trust the police or the government. It was us against them. We had no voice.
    All of the sudden, we were a “Democracy” with a new elected President. There was never a change in the mentality of the people. Corruption continued abounding. The consequences were more violence and more misery.
    It became so bad, that now when I talk to some people there, and I ask about Bolsonaro and all the military people he is placing in the government, they say that they don’t mind it, in fact, many would welcome a military dictatorship, if that’s what will help them.
    I don’t like it, but I pray for them and, sincerely, wish them the best.


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