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James Baker buries Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in probe

NYP: WASHINGTON, DC —  A former FBI official delivered devastating testimony Thursday against former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann — saying he’s “100% confident” the defendant denied acting “on behalf of any particular client” when he handed over since-debunked information linking Donald Trump and Russia.

“I think it was pretty close to the beginning of the meeting. Part of his introduction to the meeting,” former FBI general counsel James Baker told jurors in Washington, DC, federal court.

Baker’s account directly supports the sole charge against Sussmann as a result of special counsel John Durham’s probe into alleged law-breaking in connection with the FBI and Robert Mueller’s probes of purported Trump-Russia ties.

Sussmann, 57, is on trial on a single count of lying to the government during a Sept. 19, 2016, sit-down with Baker at FBI headquarters.


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  1. I guarantee you that Baker knew that Sussmann was peddling bullshit and exactly who Sussmann was peddling it for. The FBI are not only a corrupt, often incompent, fake law enforcement agency. They are only loyal to themselves and who they think is in power at the time.

  2. The fix is in. The Judge, who is married to Lisa Page’s attorney, approved four Hillary Clinton campaign donors on the Jury. Once Sussmann is acquitted, the verdict will be used to proclaim there was never any conspiracy to frame Donald Trump.

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  4. @Unslung Hero May 20, 2022 at 9:49 am

    > Is Hillary Clinton in prison yet? If not… Why not???

    Because Real(TM) heroes! MAGA(TM) heroes! Voted for The Donald. To save them.

  5. When Sussmann is found guilty, his punishment will be a $300.00 fine, 30 days probation and a $10,000,000 book deal….

  6. Our corrupt government and their agents of the devil will save Sussmann’s butt one way or another. Blood is the only way back.

  7. He will find out that the book deal is actually got a lien on it from Satan that he collects when shrillery decides to arkancide him within the next 6 months, and Satan always collects as you slide thru his gates to final destination in HELL.

  8. All just an innocent misunderstanding, he gave the interviewer a “wink” when he claimed he worked for no one. No harm, no foul right.

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