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James Comey goes stale fast, hits end of his shelf life

American Thinker:

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey isn’t quite the book bonanza he’s been touted as.  His book opening shows it.  And, well, look at the book he’s selling: with little more than florid descriptions to speak for his otherwise content-free book, and no big revelations, what we get from it is that he has a high opinion of himself, he’s mad about getting fired, and he wants revenge.  Yeah, yeah.  And as the subject of his own book, he lacks the usual affection bestowed upon such people from the rabidly left-wing Occupods or the less rabid Hillaryites, because, well, he ran the FBI.

So now we see just about nobody showing up for the book’s launch at the prestigious Kramerbooks, at the heart of the capital, on Dupont Circle at its opener.  The Weekly Standard noted that there were more cameras than customers for this washed up bureaucrat’s hectoring dialectic about his own virtue, and the store sold only about a dozen books, many to the reporters. more


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  1. Talk about trying to get all the press coverage you can. This clown was on Sac KFBK local radio station this morning where he announced he was switching party affiliation from Republican. Hilarity ensued.

  2. Jim could dedicate his life OJ like searching Stormys filmography for a match to the sketch.
    You know… Investagatin’
    Start a Book Club tour at Starbucks?
    Promo the tour with Free coupons or whatknots.

  3. I loved Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) remark tonight on HANNITY…

    “If lies were music… Jim Comey would be Beethoven!”

    Oh snap! 🙂

  4. this is some surreal teen girl black comedy- Heathers – only with supposedly grown adult FBI agents and executives. i find it hard to believe this flamboyantly self dramatizing bean pole is an adult let alone a lawyer AND was the director of the FBI. emotionally he’s like an over excited teen girl trying to get some boy action.

  5. I, for one, sincerely hope Comey continues his public appearances across the Micturition Stream Media.

    There’s nothing like getting comfy with a hot cup of tea and a plate of warm cookies to watch the very public meltdown of a 7 foot arsehole.


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