James Comey’s Twitter Likes: Breitbart, Russia Investigation, and Back Pain

NTK: The Twitter account @FormerBu was confirmed as the former FBI director’s personal online profile.

Former FBI Director James Comey officially confirmed the existence of a personal Twitter account with a tweet on Monday. Posting a picture of himself in Iowa from an account long-suspected to belong to the former FBI director, he set off buzz about his possible political future.

But, less noticed were the “Likes” that Comey has racked up over the years on the account.  more here

SNIP: I think he’s a fan of Kasich. What a douche.

6 Comments on James Comey’s Twitter Likes: Breitbart, Russia Investigation, and Back Pain

  1. I can understand Comey’s back pain.
    Comey has bent over untold times to kiss obama’s, holder’s and lynch’s ass and carried that much water for corrupt Hillary and Bill??

    Professionalism? Integrity? Non-partisan?
    It was all spin to distract us from comey’s cover-up of corruption and illegal activity.

    He isn’t that tall when he’s on his knees.

  2. he has been a hilary stooge his whole career.
    now look at him.
    he still has his freedom and his booty but at what cost.

    in the end all a man really has is his remembered character.
    what is every one going to remember about his ?

  3. It took a while but those leaks stopped shortly after this clown was escorted out of the circus didn’t they?

    Maybe some media people think that it’s cute that one of the people with access to almost all of our nation’s secrets likes posting his pet peeves and qualms to Twitter under the user name Rusty Shackleford out of vanity.

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