James Drury – RIP

Lazlo informs us that James Drury, The Virginian, has passed away.

Here’s Drury having a laugh with Red Skelton-

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  1. He acted with his eyebrows. 🙂
    He reminds me of Ken Berry. (Cpt. Parmenter F TROOP)
    I guess I should check out The Virginian.

  2. Remember his show as a youngster. Great entertainment. Was also a incredible artist and a musical composer which many people are unaware.

  3. Nobody better bug me when the Virginian comes on today.
    A sad, sad day.
    I liked him better than Robert Conrad
    If Gordon Lightfoot dies this year, 2020, when it passes, will never be mentioned by me ever again.
    I will refer to it as ‘That Year’

  4. The cast and their interaction made that show. Doug McClure,James Drury,Clu Gulager etc.

    The Virginian is in syndication all over heck and back, I watch about two episodes a night.

    Rumor has it you had to pass a Horseman Ship test to even be considered as a guest star.

  5. I never watched that show as a kid, but caught a show a few months ago which featured a pre Star Trek Leonard Nimoy, along with Michael “This is Kang” Ansara

    So, to sum up I actually saw a show which had Spock, The Virginian and the greatest Klingon ever in a well written story

    Grest stuff, Ed .. great

  6. The first television show I ever saw in color was The Virginian. My grandmother, who was babysitting while our parents were out, took us to her friend’s, Bertha Merkle, house and Bertha had just gotten a new color television that day. I was less than impressed because I wanted to watch the Patty Duke Show and said as much. I’ll never forget Mrs. Merkle’s retort: “But it’s not in COLOR!”

    Rest in infinite peace, Virginian.

  7. My grandmother always made me watch Lawrence Welk so I could learn some culture. I would have preferred The Virginian.

  8. And I read somewhere that he and his band entertained the troops in Vietnam.

    Enjoyed his work.
    Did a couple of stints on “Lawman,” too.


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