James Mattis Calls Trump Threat to Constitution, Compares to Nazi, Based on Lafayette Park

Before you read what the outraged vageneral scribbled, here’s what really happened in Lafayette Park and beyond-


…Lafayette Park was cleared by the U.S. Park Police, which was falsely accused of using tear gas to disperse protesters. The Park Police said Tuesday that they cleared the police because some of the protesters “began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids.”

The president brought the military in to help calm Washington, DC, and the National Guard was deployed at the request of governors in 29 states.

The result, as of Wednesday morning, was that the nation’s streets were the “calmest in days,” the Associated Press reported.

Mattis, whom Trump appointed at the start of his administration, resigned in December 2018 over diplomatic disagreements with the president. He implied that Trump was not doing enough to support multilateral institutions. MORE

50 Comments on James Mattis Calls Trump Threat to Constitution, Compares to Nazi, Based on Lafayette Park

  1. FFS. T/Y for your service but you’re a complete disappointment. I imagine he’s been laying on his tank shaped bed watching CNN with his mouth open, to come up with ideas for that article.

    He’s still in 0bama dreamland.

  2. Now we know why he’s called Mad Dog.

    Patton’s he ain’t.

    Thanks for letting America down when she most needed you.

  3. As a young Army officer it was always stressed that you must be forthright, honest and truthful. You weren’t to spread rumors or in anyway disrupt or subvert morale nor incite unrest. I’m assuming the USMC officers were trained the same.

    What happened to you Mattis? You pushed half-truths and lies. You reference the US Constitution without knowing the mechanism at the disposal of POTUS to use the military inside the US. You made yourself look like an angry, partisan ass. Shame on you.

    Btw, I don’t remember your commenting on the unconstitutional treatment of your fellow General Officer, LTG Flynn. Did I miss it?

  4. TDS is contagious and Seems to make a person unfit for having a reasonable thought of how to MAGA. Either that or someone is threatening Mattis with incriminating pictures.

  5. “Btw, I don’t remember your commenting on the unconstitutional treatment of your fellow General Officer, LTG Flynn. Did I miss it?”

    I don’t either!

  6. He’s been licking Xi’s Boots for so long He’s forgotten where He

    came from….Check His Families bank records.

  7. Bongo- You’d be surprised the cash they make for ‘consulting’ jobs.
    You know how broke ass congressmen retire rich?
    Same goes for military heads.

  8. My dear friend Ann Barnhardt said years ago that all the good flag officers were eliminated by the Sodomite Moslem, and the remaining ones were blackmailable.

  9. There are many many reasons that Mattis is fucking wrong.

    The way I see it in simple terms is:

    The protestors are a minority that are destroying the property and assets of the majority. The majority being the people that work, pay taxes, and are Americans.
    The military defends against foreign and domestic threats. These Antifa bastards are domestic thugs following foreign principles of subversion & socialism. (shit from Russia and Chyna)

    Mattis, if not to protect your cities & institutions as they are under attack with fire, gunshots, and looting, then what the fuck is the military for?!

    The national guard is not just for natural floods and forest fires. This is a flood of assholes with matches and gasoline within US cities.

    Fucker must have gotten soft not having a wife or kids to keep him fighting and on his toes. I fight for my kids!

    PS. The Nazis were the ones with the fire in the streets before they gained power.

  10. was he at all worried about the giant building in Utah someplace storing private citizens’ info, under 0bama’s direction? The one Auntie Marxine waters told us about in a comment about socializing America?

  11. If this had been Obama instead of Trump, all you would have heard today is how wonderful, and how much of a saint Obama is.

    Speaking of the devil himself, wasn’t he supposed to have a town hall tonight? I won’t watch, but be forewarned, it’ll get your blood boiling to be sure.

  12. Mattis and others don’t get it. With the exception of the locations they show on the news, the local LEO and National Guard are actually protecting the looters.

  13. PDT has, unfortunately, trusted too many Deep-Staters … him being a neophyte was what they counted on & they played it very well …. from Sessions to Fauci to Mattis … they all played Trump for the fool

    … because he was not one of them! … he put his trust in people he thought loved ‘the people’ of this country as much as he does … they do not. they only love their power, their control … their corruption.

    PDT is learning … he’s always been a great learner …. he, & we, w/ God, will overcome this

  14. Two things I’ve noticed. One, boy did Trump get under “their” skins when he went to that church and simply held up a Bible. And, two, my first inclination was to knee-jerk think, “No we don’t want the military… that’s wrong.”

    Until I read an excellent article about it: https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/05/31/the-history-of-presidents-using-military-to-restore-order-within-us/

    When it’s needed, it’s needed. And it has been needed on occassion. So what EXACTLY put the bug up Mattiss’ butt, I wonder. Hmmm?

  15. BevWky

    Maybe they pulled it out.

    You are right about the walk to church. They’ve attacked him so much over it, that it painfully obvious that he just threw holy water on the Anti Christ. Even religious leaders are bad mouthing him.
    We really need some of those Rowdy Roddy Piper sun glasses.

  16. I don’t know where this bone head went wrong for sure. But please don’t drink the water in the area just in case. There has to be something in there that makes them nuts?
    It just seems strange that so many of these people you would think we’re on our side turn out otherwise.

  17. This cat has always been an odd duck. He is an excellent example of why cults of personality have never appealed to me. Particularly when it comes to politics.


    Your comment above made me realize for the first time why W or his staff never really fought back against the lying press. Not because they didn’t know how, they didn’t care. No matter how it frustrated us, they just didn’t care. That’s why W and Obama hang out now. Two of a kind.

    Try cares, so he fights. They hate him because he genuinely cares.

  19. That piece of shit would probably approve of having the US Military kneel down to it’s enemies, the way cops in Portland, Or and Fayettevill, NC did.

    How can those swamp people be that fucked up?

  20. ^^^

    Globalists have no loyalty except to globalism, and all the “benefits ” it provides once you’re in.

    Time we stopped thinking of them as fellow citizens. They clearly don’t.

  21. I’m with Mark Levin. He said Mr. Mattis made an ass out of himself.

    He wasn’t calling him General either.

    Next town over could be under siege tomorrow per LEOs.
    Their only sin is it is a somewhat affluent old and historical town. Except for the Target, all businesses are family owned.
    I pray the churches, historical adoration chapel and highly visited shrine are safe, and of course, the LEOs and first responders.

    Learned that homes with American Flags are targeted.

  22. “Learned that homes with American Flags are targeted.”


    With adequate planning, an organized block could…nevermind.

  23. There will be a military coup attempt.

    Mattis would not have spoken out if he didn’t get his marching orders.

    This is going all the way.

  24. Come on y’all…for years he’s been called MAD DOG MATTIS, maybe it’s for a reason. He might have RABIES and you know it does screw with the brain.

  25. I’ll find ANY excuse to frag ANYBODY with my unbleached elastic starfish. When we role play in bed, my Petey B launches his Massive Ordnance Penetrator straight down my unbleached elastic starfish.

    Chasten’s unbleached elastic starfish reporting for dookie Sir! (Farts…)

  26. Where was he when the Kenyan was doing his racist hate speech? All the Kenyan did was divide by race.

  27. As an active duty and now retired military, there was a time I would have followed Mattis through Hell.
    Now, not so much.

  28. Ignorant of History.
    Shame, really.
    If you don’t know, YOU DON’T KNOW! BUT you should realize that you don’t know.

    izlamo delenda est …

  29. You disgraced the uniform worn by much better men. You’re an ass kissing punk and I piss on you.

  30. Keep in mind this little asshole was one of many in high military positions that snoozed while China was becoming nearly impossible to deal with without a high cost of american lives.
    Obama worked tirelessly to weed out the true leaders in the military during his eight years of subversion. This little rat was some of the waste matter left behind.

  31. General Mattis has whored himself over to the political left. Mattis’ screed in the Atlantic was a pathetic attempt to dampen what was a tremendous display of resolve by President Trump that simply could not be allowed to set in the mind of the electorate.

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