James O’Keefe Sues The FBI For Labeling Him A ‘Convicted Felon’, Barring Him From Buying Firearms

sara A Carter: Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe took to Twitter to explain a new lawsuit he is filing against the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For unknown reasons, O’Keefe is labeled as a convicted felon in the NCIS database, thus preventing him from purchasing firearms — he is not, however, a convicted felon.

O’Keefe shared a video montage of him going to various gun stores in New York to purchase a gun. Everything goes smoothly until the gun broker runs his information through the NCIS — he is immediately denied every single time.

One of the videos shows an owner saying the FBI check came back with no reason for the denial — the employee also told O’Keefe this is not common. more here

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  1. Weaponizing the FBI to be political hacks… …. what could go wrong? Also, what chance is there when ballots go out via the mail that those registered as Republicans might come up as ineligible to vote or their ballots sent to the wrong address?

    I’m saying it out loud today. If Trump goes down do to Voter fraud I’ll be willing to sign up with the first John Brown or Quantrill that comes my way.

  2. Simply denying purchase of arms based on negligence (it is a civil right to own arms, the duty to get it right should be of that magnitude) should be a civil rights violation. Compensation should begin the second of denial and accrue until correction has been made. Compensation should be commensurate with any other civil rights violation.

  3. Sounds like the same fears as the proposed (it was never implemented, right?) O’Bozo “no fly list”. No could tell you how you got your name on it, who put it there, who to contact to get your name off the list, or how to get it off the list.

  4. They’re kneeling to protesting, criminal hooligans and denying guns to conservatives.

    And i don’t see anything being done about it.

  5. “shall not be infringed” went under the bus in 1934.

    In Miller V The Federal Government in around 1940, the NFA was challenged on that very clause by THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT after they lost the case in Arkansas at the District Court level by “infringing” on the right of someone to carry a shotgun an inch and a half under their arbitrary length of 18″.

    The defendants beat feet and didn’t show, no one argued for 2A in front of the SC and the SC overturned the Arkansas decision.

    I can say with 100% certainly that people living in those days had no idea whatsoever, when you could walk into a hardware store and buy a BAR, that shitholes like CA or CO would tell you you couldn’t own a “high capacity” magazine or that you would have to wait 30 days! to p/u a purchased weapon.

    It’s a different world we’re living in.

  6. The FBI has been bad; and bad news for 47 years! All employees should be fired! buildings sold! Weapons given to deplorables!

  7. when you’re getting flak, you know you are over the target.

    James O’Keefe getting denied his God-given 2A rights shows the Deep State gummint bureaucrats are pissed off & furious at O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization and they’re doing every little petty thing they can to get back at him.

  8. Way too much unchecked Federal Control of Firearm BkGrd checks.
    There needs to be a quick simple process to challenging denials, and not the current foot dragging 30+ days review / appeal process.

  9. My mother used to say that these bureaucrats and politicians, if they had any shame… She went on to say that had she been caught at some of the stuff they had done she would never show her face in public again.

    One time she was saying that about our City Manager shortly after (like three or four days later) he had run his vehicle over a roundabout and been arrested DUI. https://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Corpuz-jailed-on-suspicion-of-drunk-driving-1137465.php

    I told her: Mom, the guy was down at the YMCA an hour ago strutting around like he was a Goddamned peacock.

    The bastard was laughing and having a good old time with a group of local “movers and shakers” until I yelled out to him (he was on the other side of the showers/dressing room): Hey Ray, want to buy a set of rims? I have a set, and heard you might could use them.

    “”About 11 p.m. Wednesday, three sheriff’s deputies were stopped at the side of the road in University Place, a community adjacent to Tacoma. The deputies heard what one described as a “tank” coming toward them, Troyer said.
    Deputies traced the scrapes left by the car to a nearby roundabout, where it appeared the vehicle had been in a minor accident.

    They saw a Mercedes-Benz heading in their direction in the bicycle lane with its two right tires missing, rolling on its rims.

    The deputies had their patrol car lights flashing, but the car nearly struck them, Troyer said.

    “One of our officers had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit,” he said.

    The deputies followed the car, pulling it over about 10 blocks later.

    The driver, identified later as Corpuz, allegedly refused to participate in the field sobriety test, in which motorists are asked to perform a series of exercises to demonstrate they are sober.

    He also allegedly refused to take a blood-alcohol test that would determine how much alcohol was in his system. State law requires drivers to submit to the test or lose their driver’s license for a year, Troyer said.

    Corpuz was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence and released from jail after posting bail.


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