James O’Keefe Uncovers Deep State Employee


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  1. If you really want America to be great again, you could rub out 80% of government at ALL levels, down to the local level.

    All job security and financial security in the Private Sector was trashed by these fascists. Turnabout is fair and necessary.

  2. Is this the first of several Veritas videos on this “bust”?

    (I’ve said this before: way too theatrical. It’s probably personal taste, but I think these revelations would have greater impact if they were delivered in an Attkisson way, without all the staging, props and noir lighting.)

  3. It’s dudes like this that have infected all of Virginia politics. Federal employees should not be able to vote unless they are military or law enforcement.

    Virginia is a red state with a cancerous lump up north.

  4. First it was Kerry and his shadow diplo, then the Mean Girls at the State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, and now O’Keefe is dropping bombs on more people at State you’ll love to hate.

    Better use that Security Clearance now, Lurch. It’s about to expire.

    And AA, if the staging and lighting help to get Trump’s attention, then “Roll ’em!”

  5. Trump needs to show these people that they can indeed be fired.
    They should be prosecuted too.
    These people, including the ones in the FBI, CIA, etc should be also. They are attempting a coup.

  6. It does my heart good, though, to know that the local DSA has idiots like this on their board. He is a legend in his own mind.

  7. Awesome.
    Although…I have to kinda agree with AA on the dramatics.
    It’s okay, but it needs to be toned down a smidge.
    Not so much the body of work, but the opening part. Keep the vintage detective feel. That’s cool. But the people have to be smoother and sleeker, more shadowy in nature. I don’t mean ‘blurry’, I mean as in behavior. Like an infiltrator.

    Also, throw a half-faded box behind the lettering if there’s a lot of texture or light in the shot. (ie: The explanation of gov regulations part) And freeze the scene and audio if you have to for the moment.

    But what do I know? I just comment on a blog. lol

  8. I agree with AA about the staging but the message is loud and clear. Two things in the vid stand out to me. The words spoken are the employees own and not some accusation about something that was said 35 yrs ago. And 2, what is going on in this turd’s office right now as I type? Are his supervisors meeting to find a way to fire him or are they going all Hitler Bunker and just waiting for the storm to pass? We”ll see.

  9. The part he said about “I can’t get fired” because he’s a federal employee has to be played over and over the next time Trump signs an EO for it or the House drafts a bill.

  10. My husband works for the federal gov and there are lots of conservatives, it’s just that, like every other organization in this country, they have to keep their heads down and mouths shut. However, most of them are working hard to improve things and support the POTUS. The libs are always loud, obnoxious, and vicious.

  11. I feel misled. I was under the impression that a guy famous for telling people “you’re fired” would be firing more people.

    See also “Lock her up”.

  12. If Sessions doesn’t do something NOW, and alot of something NOW, then he should be PROSECUTED first.

  13. DSA has quite the foothold in fed govt. Wasn’t the commie who harassed Kirstjen Nielsen in a restaurant and proudly posted to her comrades employed at DOJ or State Dept?

    Why I’ll bet Sessions and Wray are all over this…. after they clean up the White Nationalists running rampant throughout he country.

  14. that fan with the sparse wired guard was too much!
    other that that I like O’Keefe
    I’ll never forget about 8 or 9 years ago when we still got Newsweek I read a story in it about what a rotten creep young O’Keefe is and I was completely unable to understand what the story was about–that was on the way to my awakening! No more Newsweak and some of us still like CNN and some of us don’t! SAD!

  15. O’Keefe needs to mix his releases up. The “drip, drip, drip, rope a dope, release a little and let them deny and then release some more” might work if people have two week long attention spans.

    You’ve got to layout a blockbuster and not drag it out so long everyone loses interest.

    Because its been a lot of hype and not much else since the Planned Parenthood pimp videos. Hannity super hyped exclusives ain’t what they used to be.

    Lucy can only pull the football away so many times. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.



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