James O’Keefe -vs- The Permanent Administrative State

CTH: A very interesting speech by James O’Keefe at the Gateway-Eagle Forum highlights an upcoming Project Veritas enterprise.  What O’Keefe outlines is a preview for undercover research within Washington DC to put actual names and faces behind those who operate inside the Administrative State.

What James O’Keefe outlines is highly pertinent as it applies to current discussions of corrupt activity within the institutions of the DOJ and FBI. Specifically, the nameless and faceless administrators control much more important outcomes than generally discussed; including outcomes from a recent series of questions we posed.  WATCH


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  1. This should be good. A peek behind the curtain of the rats that are screwing the public.
    With some light and exposure on them they will no longer feel so invincible.

  2. The only thing I wish O’Keefe would change about his reportage is to pull back on the (theatrical?) dramatization. Such drama seems to (me, anyway) overshadow the gravity of what his targets are revealing about themselves and, in that sense, he undermines the impact of the revelations. In some troublesome way his reporting takes on the same quality of having to explain the mechanics of a joke. If one has to explain it, either the joke was arcane or not funny to begin with. In any case, it causes the listener to focus on the wrong thing rather than to experience the humor for themselves. If the facts of a story are that explosive, the listener should easily come to that conclusion without having to have it overly explained to them.

    (Just thinking aloud on why O’Keefe’s stories generally don’t have the impact promised by the teasers.) Don’t misunderstand, I greatly admire O’Keefe and his grit and courage to do what he does.

  3. We should start calling it the Dark State ala the Dark Web.
    The Dark State lies under the Deep State. It uses hidden networks. masks the users true identity, and is popular with people who want to do illicit activities.


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