James Woods Strikes Again

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  1. As Mr. Woods will probably never get another role in uber liberal hollyweird he should consider politics. He would need to move to a red state though.

  2. Chicago hit 500+ murders so far in 2017 a few weeks back.
    I am willing to bet a solid nickel there were no murders committed by NRA members.
    I am willing to bet another nickel the vast majority (maybe all) of those murders were committed by Democrats.

  3. Let’s be clear: more known Democrats have murdered people with guns than all @NRA members combined while screaming about Nazis and Klansmen!
    Mr. Woods no longer needs to buy “insurance” from the Hollywood Protection Racketeers.
    “Go ahead and have all the fun you want, just make sure to say the right things”
    “You know what they are” … wink, wink, nod, nod.
    “Ya know, it would be a real shame if ya never got a nuther gig, right?”… wink, wink, nod, nod.

  4. I had hoped that when “Alt Right” became a thing for the left, “Ctrl Left” would become a bigger thing for the right.

  5. The Democrat party is the best funded, best organized, and largest terrorist abetting organization in the world!

  6. moochoman, I follow him on Twitter, he says he still loves California and have no intention to move from there, but he also knows he’s done in Hollywood, and that’s OK because he does have made some good investments.

  7. James Woods is a master wordsmith. He flips the script on leftists and they don’t know what hit them. Democrats, the most “compasionate” party, according to them are responsible for the majority of people killed with guns in this country.

    BTW, It seems MJA’s avatar has been hacked by the Russians;
    https://youtu.be/E6tBdovAgO0 .

  8. James woods is a genius, no, really, look it up.
    180+ IQ
    Woods was a Democrat, until Bill Clinton’s perjury trial.
    He just couldn’t support a party that was 100% behind a lying, misogynistic, pervert.

  9. Do ‘tweets’ have to be quoted exactly? They look like a telety#pe# machine@@ shit# all## over the &&%% page.

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