Jan 6 Commission Fabricated Whereabouts of Bernard Kerik in Subpoena, Evidence Shows

National Pulse: Tollbooth records belonging to former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik place him 300 miles away from the infamous January 5th meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., with a legal letter (below) seen by The National Pulse accusing Rep. Bernie Thompson’s commission of fabricating the evidence. more

7 Comments on Jan 6 Commission Fabricated Whereabouts of Bernard Kerik in Subpoena, Evidence Shows

  1. They fabricated an entire illegitmate government that day out of whole cloth and complete lies.

    Compared to that, what’s fabricating a little “evidence”?

    It’s not like there’s a legitimate DOJ to pursue it or an uncorrupt judge to hear it anyway.

  2. the Jan 6 FBI False Flag Op was a Fake Insurrection and the Jan 6 Commission is creating Fake “Facts”

  3. And why am I reading about this NOW and not the day that Bernie springs the trap door on the DC Dimwits? Why didn’t Bernie just demand that C-SPAN cover his testimony live and the world get to see him eviscerate the sham proceeding?
    Me thinks that sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot on accident and other times, it’s done to tip off the other side to be able to prepare accordingly. I think Bernie’s lawyers are behind this IMHO and it’s for the wrong reasons. Nothing in this saga is a coincidence.

  4. Of course, just like with that evil faggot Adam Schiff, there will be zero consequences for this utter lawlessness.

  5. DOJ as well as the entire network of so-called ‘law enforcement’ are a viper’s nest of corruption who will hold anyone at all as hostages and victims of their elaborate schemes to benefit their power-addicted money-grubbing selves. Disgusting lowlife reprobates.

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