Jan 6th – Something fishy

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  1. I don’t think that’s from a false wall “inside the Capital”. The people in black with the masks are standing outside and that’s a ground level window where the guy is standing and handing out the batons. You can see the reflection of someting (a statue or ornamental light fixture?) in the window above the open window. Why do people have to make something strange and suspicious sound like something stranger and suspicious-er?

    Whoever it was handing out the weapons should be easy to ID, that’s a good picture of him.

  2. …or it is probably the FBI arming their paid MAGA infiltrators. No lie. They’re all geared up for gas and the fog of an FBI-led “insurrection” in order to speed up the election certification process going on in the Senate.

  3. Look, you can see another ground floor window just to the left of the open one. Plus, at the very beginning of the video, the camera pans right and catches the outside of the building.

  4. Once you know that the “FBI” is an anti-American
    criminal organization and will spend $$$M$$$ of
    YOUR tax dollars to destroy you what do you do next ???


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