Jan Brewer – “When I Was Governor Illegal Aliens Cost Arizona Taxpayers $1.6 Billion a Year”

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“When I was Governor, illegal aliens cost AZ taxpayers $1.6 billion/yr in education, health care and incarceration costs. So, why do we continue to bear these costs when sanctuary cities encourage illegal immigration? Great plan by @realDonaldTrump to utilize those cities!” the Republican tweeted.

Jan Brewer called President Trump’s proposal to dump illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities a “great plan” on Monday.

Trump tweeted Friday he had put new immigration plan under “consideration.”

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” Trump said. “The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!”

Trump was later asked to clarify his comments. He said states like California should get an “unlimited supply” of illegal immigrants and see if they would still be happy.



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8 Comments on Jan Brewer – “When I Was Governor Illegal Aliens Cost Arizona Taxpayers $1.6 Billion a Year”

  1. $1.6B

    I wonder what it is now – and what the annual growth rate is of that funding. One of the Democrats famous tricks is to pass as much social spending as possible off to the States.

  2. $1.6B does not include the personal expenses of that 3-SSN, malodorous, illegal immigrant muslim that squated in the WH for 8 years.

  3. Most public employee’s vote democrat. Remember this 1.6 billion dollar/year fact when their pension funds go broke and they ask us to bail them out. That money could have been used to shore up their pension funds. But, noooooo.

  4. the leftist Democrat Party doesn’t know how to deal with a Republican strategist like Trump who forces them to play by their own hypocritical rules & tactics.


  5. When citizens hear someone from Arizona say something, or do something, they might think we’re some powerhouse state. In reality, New York City has more residents than ALL of Arizona.
    The illegals before 2010 almost bankrupted my state. We weren’t monsters – they got ‘free’ medical care, we looked for housing for them, found ways to feed them and when they dumped their children in our schools- we hired translators for the Spanish speaking only.
    We didn’t want to herd them into camps, we wanted them to go back to their homeland and apply for legal immigration.
    We were trashed, pummeled, called horrible names, shunned by many prominent people, refused business with certain states and no one, NO ONE said a kind word about what we endured then.
    Our government spent $billion dollars on foreign nationals, not our own residents. Billions for Mexicans. It wasn’t right.


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