Janice Dean: NY Democrats Stopped Me from Testifying at Nursing Home Hearing

Townhall: Monday marks the second round of testimonies related to the New York nursing home disaster. Over 6,000 people have died in New York nursing homes during the coronavirus outbreak. Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames President Trump and nursing home staffers. Most everyone else blames him. 

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws in a New York nursing home, and she directly blames Cuomo’s March 25 mandate that forced long term care facilities to accept COVID positive patients who had been discharged from the hospital. She knows more than most the damage it caused, and was eager to share her testimony. So she sent in her formal request last week.

Yet, as she revealed on Monday, just hours before the hearing, she was dropped from the list. more

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  1. Cuomo is spending most of his time now trying to hide the actual facts and details of his senicide.

  2. …yep, Democrats do not LIKE it when anyone testifies about their murders…

    ‘In the event that a baby is aborted alive, he or she receives no medical assessments or care but is only given what my hospital calls “comfort care.” “Comfort care” is defined as keeping the baby warm in a blanket until he or she dies, although even this minimal compassion is not always provided. It is not required that these babies be held during their short lives.’

    …and, of course, the Clintons have been known to wreck PLANES to prevent testimony…


    …so she’s actually kind of lucky they only STOPPED her. Next up, a good doxxing, followed by a little “visit” to show concern for her “health”…

  3. I am shocked!!! Shocked, I tell you! Why would they keep someone who actually had a relative die because of his antics from testifying? It is inconceivable.

  4. Lawyer up and keep fighting the good fight Janice, we will stand with you.

    Prayers and Thoughts for you and your family. 🕊️❤️🙏

  5. How does anyone defend themselves against 6,000+ murders? The best route is denial and filthy politics.


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