Japan and South Korea hit back at Trump’s nuclear comments

CNN: […] So high was the level of concern, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe felt the need to respond publicly, saying, “whoever will become the next president of the United States, the Japan-U.S. alliance is the cornerstone of Japan’s diplomacy.”

Japan remains the only country to have had nuclear weapons used against it and has had a non-nuclear policy and pacifist constitution since the end of World War II.

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida added, “It is impossible that Japan will arm itself with nuclear weapons.”  MORE

7 Comments on Japan and South Korea hit back at Trump’s nuclear comments

  1. trump is once again “on target”.

    the incoming flack this week has been “huuge”!

    japan should pay for protection. that’s how gangsters work. up until now only the connected and the politicians were getting any vig. now that trump thinks the vig should be spread equally among the citizens who provide the protection, the gangster government wants to shut him up.

    if they were so concerned about nuclear proliferation then why did they let clinton and obama hand over nukes to n korea and iran?

    they put great theatre on.

  2. Boo-fucking-hoo.

    S Korea pays 55% of all non-personal costs. So what’s that come to?

    There 25,000 GIs there and 55,000 in Japan-it’s gotta cost 10s of billions easily. It’s about time these guys started picking up more of their own defense tab. Why am I on the hook for Japanese defense when they exclude American products from import? Fuck that.

    We made the same damn mistakes in Europe, allowing them to spend their GDPs on loony social programs because we picked up their defense tabs. Now look at the shitstorm they’re in. Gutless government pussies with millions of moslims poised to invade and out breed them.

    Paris is gone. Brussels too. London? Adios. But guess where some countries have the common GD sense to…frown on moslim emigration? Yeah, Japan and S Korea. They say Asians are clever and you better believe it.

    Yes I know we have security interests there and helping these countries after wars devastated them was the right thing to do. But they’re killing us in trade deals on top of sticking us with their defense tabs. We’ve got some major problems right here in River City and it’s time we made taking care of Americans the top priority.

    Yeah cry me a river, I’m all choked up you’re gonna be on the hook for more dough. Take a couple 100,000 “syrian refugees” too, see how that works out.

  3. And the next time one of ‘allies’ complain about ‘American Imperialism’, we should go back and take what we won from them.

  4. South Korea is capable of defending itself if it would just allocate the necessary resources instead of using ours. We could step in with nukes if needed but to place thousands of US troops there for over 60 years is ridiculous. And if South Korea folds, we can build Kia’s and Hyundai’s here.

  5. The threat to arm South Korea with nukes is a big lever against NoKo and China – Japan not so much

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