Japan Crushes Big Pharma

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  1. And the Japanese never closed their schools.

    Several at the dinner table today didn’t like me mentioning that.

    I’m passing this video on. Thanks.

  2. The Japanese are known to not give in to any bs okey-doke, especially from outsiders such as a lil ketchum n’ killum toad and some lowlife US pedophile-impostor potus who’s also a known race supremacist and segregationist.

  3. Wait a minute. I don’t understand. MSNBC and CNN have told me that Ivermectin is just a cattle dewormer. It cannot possibly help with Covid!!

  4. In summary, it’s an entire country of stupid selfish anti-vaxxer alt-right conspiracy bigots with no regard for science. Masks work, that’s why you need 2 or 3 of them, vaccines work that’s why you need 3 of them, lockdowns work that’s why we keep doing them, all of our science works that’s why we’re having a fifth wave, and Fauci spits nothing but truth that’s why he’s on TeeVee every day next to a lit prayer candle of him. Big pharma exists specifically to cure and care for all of us, they only charge money to come up with better cures. Clearly ivermectin doesn’t work, what are you a horse?

    Ugh. That’s literally the position of so many people on normie forums they are so frickin quick to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them stoopid, moderators boot anyone who doesn’t have a lit Fauci prayer candle with 3 needles in their arm. As they tap out sidebar discussions of breakthru cases and vaxx injuries claiming it would be so much worse without the vaxx and masks, goddamn they love their masks. I sit there and shake my head in disbelief, oh I’m the stupid one, gotcha. If I turn into one of these goons with no self awareness and needles hanging out of my arm someone put me down like a wounded animal, please.

    I do see why they are so gungho about mandates. They can’t be wrong, they are the smartest people in the room and you need to submit. It’s a frickin cult, there’s no other way to describe it.


  5. The Japs threatened Big Pharma with Godzilla.

    They don’t allow the importation of filthy fukkin ragheads, either, do they?

    Smart folks.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. First India, now Japan. This, plus the non-pandemic in Africa, pretty much clinches all the evidence any sane, rational, and honest person needs to see the value of ivermectin. It’s infuriating that those who have grabbed power are insane, irrational, and/or dishonest.

  7. Can we sic Godzilla and all the rest of the Japanese monsters like Mothra, Rodan, MechaGodzilla etc. on all the pro vaxxers in this country starting with Godzilla stomping on and burning down Fauci’s house with his fire breathing, destructive breath first and then all the big pharma companies making the poisonous vaccines.

  8. Maybe they should make a new short animated cartoon like Godzilla meets Bambi and call it Godzilla is really pissed off and meets Dr. Fauci and mashes that sucker flatter than the bulldozer that flattened Rachel Corrie AKA Saint Pancake.

  9. We got the Atkins Holiday End of Year Plague. Could be the coof, who knows. We’ve been taking Ivermectin, D3, K2, quercetin, zinc, c. The Boy had his coof for all of a day. Husband is working on day 4, I’m just getting started. None of us are jabbed. Good on Japan. I have at least a years supply of Ivermectin. Bought it before it went way up in price. Dosed it out into 10 2 oz bottles. We good here. I’ll let you all know if I go blind, get hairy palms, or die after combusting spontaneously into a giant fireball.

  10. ” It’s infuriating that those who have grabbed power are insane, irrational, and/or dishonest.”

    All those things, and evil too.

    Don’t forget evil.

    C’mon man, give the devil his due.

    (Laughs evilly)

  11. Well, the Japanese are White for Affirmative Action/college admission purposes, so that means the only reason they want Ivermectin is because they are racists.


  12. Ivermectin is fully effective against the deadly pharmaceutical worms spreading their death and injuries via a misnamed vaccine throughout American and the world. Save your self from the never-ending Jab/Stab pushers.

  13. This just in from CNN
    Japanese white supremacists have executed a Pearl Harborish attack on vaccine manufacturers.

    Congressional investors and lobbyists hardest hit.

  14. CNN update: Japan played a major roll in the attempted January 6th coupe against the American government. FJB has one finger on the button the other is up his butt.


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