Japan Rejects Order From Pope Francis That They Must Accept More Third-World Refugees

Big League Politics: Pope Francis’ order to Japan that they must take refugees from the third-world has prompted considerable backlash from Japanese people who do not want to see their culture destroyed by unwanted foreigners.

“In a special way, I ask you to extend the hand of friendship to those who come here, often after great sufferings, seeking refuge in your country,” Pope Francis said to an audience of 900 during his recent visit to Japan.

“Indeed, a small group of refugees is present with us here, and your kindness to them will show that they are not strangers. Not in the least, for you regard them as brothers and sisters,” he added.

A social media backlash began following his comments, with Japanese people being unwilling to accept the Pope’s platitudes about refugees. read more

30 Comments on Japan Rejects Order From Pope Francis That They Must Accept More Third-World Refugees

  1. Kudos to Japan.

    Yo Pope, if you want to help the ‘refugees’ why don’t you help them in their own country? I’m so sick of this refugee bullshit.

  2. Japan should tell the pope that when they see the Vatican walls filled with moslems give us a call and we can start a conversation, but we’re not making any promises.

  3. Smart Japanese! To not listen to the whimpering of the Pope.
    Besides, most Japanese are Shinto or Buddhist, NOT Catholic. So there goes THAT (guilt) influence out the window.
    ANd last, but not least…………..
    How many refugees have YOU extended the hand of friendship to, and welcomed to live within the walls of the Vatican, Il Papa?
    OPEN THE GATES! TEAR DOWN THE WALLS! Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite of the worst kind.
    STFU and STFD.

  4. Pop says the refugees he has with him are Christians. Are we still a Christian nation?

    O’Bama let in a small handful of Christians and a flood of Muzz.

  5. …why don’t you go have a talk with the folks running the shitholes they CAME from that made them SO bad they wanted to leave, eh, Popey? C’mon, you think so much of yourself, go do something actually, you know, USEFUL, unless you don’t REALLY think you are Christ’s Vicar on Earth, heir to the Throne of Peter, and the most righteous Domnus Apostolicus, and can’t confront evildoers with total confidence that the Lord will protect you because you’re infallible and all…

    …yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT. Friendly, safe governments you can bully ONLY for YOU. Guess Soros is a poor substitute for the Lord when it comes to guaranteeing eternal life for his disciples…

  6. Mr Pope, since the United States is swiftly descending to the level of a third world shit hole country, who is left to take us in?

  7. For once I find my self in agreement with Josef Stalin:

    “How many divisions does the Pope of Rome have?”

  8. Pope Fascist. Being he’s a leftist, of course he is.

    Reagan warned us we are one generation away from voting ourselves into tyranny. (Can you say ‘#OKboomer’ movement?)

    The Catholic church is one pope away from its own destruction. This leftist a-hole is doing the dirty work.

  9. “Pope Francis said to an audience of 900 during his recent visit”

    That’s got to be pretty much every Catholic in the entire country. And even they probably don’t like him.

    You’re barking up the wrong bamboo shoot, Funny Hat Boy.

  10. That muzzielovin’ POS is NO Catholic that’s for sure. He was ushered into that position by the NWO assholes to bring down the western world and make us “manageable”!

    Hey pope F/U!

  11. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, the refugees fled to Pakistan. This is the country that is right next to their homeland. When the Chinese invaded Tibet, the refugees fled to the next door country of India. Why are these modern refugees going so far from home? It is almost as if the plan is for them never to go home.

  12. Of course Japan doesn’t want any Muslims; neither Buddhism nor Shintoism are dhimmi; once Japan becomes part of Dar al Islam the Buddhists and Shintoists will have a choice; convert to Islam, or die.

    Why do you think the Chinese are persecuting the Uyghurs; it’s preemptive persecution, because it would be just as bad if not worse were the roles reversed.

  13. the Japs aren’t stupid. They expressly have forbidden ANY mosque to EVER be built on Japanese soil. They don’t want that evil filth taking a foothold on their homeland.

  14. The Roman Catholic Church ceased to be Christian when it declared Mary to be without sin. If it’s possible for even one person to be without sin, Jesus’ wrath-bearing death and resurrection would not be necessary.

    The worst part about Roman Catholicism is that people who leave that church never even consider going to a church of a different denomination.

  15. Japan is NOT a Catholic country.

    He has no right.

    Maybe he should go back to Argentina and clean up that shithole.


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