Japan Rejects The West’s Culture of Emotional Outrage

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  1. “We may be a fragmented MTV rap video culture, but they are not.”

    – John Conner-san, character from the book Rising Sun on US/Japanese cultural differences

  2. I made it about a minute fifty. Truth be told, Japanese culture does not treat their woman much better than muzzies. Google it. Personally not a big fan of that culture. But then again I owned 4 Mitsubishi Horizontal Machining centers that sucked hugely after the first year. Yea, same company that made the Zero.

  3. Germany should take a cue from Japan. After the war they said, “damn, first defeat in 300 years…well… guess we won’t be doing that again anytime soon…. whats for dinner?”

    And they went about their business.

    Germany…. pretty sure that’s where the word ‘angst’ comes from. Anyway, after the war all they did was bitch and moan about the Berlin wall…until it came down and all they do is bitch and moan about putting it back up.

    Hell, Japan raped China, bombed Pearl Harbor, killed their prisoners mercilessly and crushed all opposition with the iron heel of racial oppression.

    Just like Germany except Japan doesn’t give a fudge about it.

    Bah. Just leave those diminutive gold fish tending sexually repressed rice rangers alone. Everyone likes them the way they are.


  4. I saw signs that said “Pussy Grabs Back” so at first I was intrigued. Then I saw a chubby SJW screaming like he was being grabbed in a not so good way. I made it to a minute.

  5. Bad_Brad, back in the day (when I lived there in the mid 70s) the wimmins were expected to walk 3 steps behind the man, etc. I lived in a vilage-y sort of area which would be considered old school, but not every woman would put up with that shit. LOL!

    Domestic abuse, when it happened was mostly the man doing it, buuuut there were times in the neighborhood where mama-san would set out after her hubby with some iron chopsticks.

    The kids were under strict control compared to the US AND they went to school on Saturdays! (whaaaat?) but as it is across the world, some of the kids could be bad asses. And the Japanese parents would ruin their entire summer as punishment. lol

    In conclusion. I have never seen a group of more stressed out people in my life. A lot of it self-imposed.

  6. MJA, I just watched a video of a Japanese wedding where the groom slapped the bride. Just like a muzzy. We have a few Paki’s and maybe Muslims living around here in the low rent apartments. Easy to spot. Their women always walk ten paces behind with their heads down. Not to mention the garb.
    Meanwhile my GF, actually wife, has developed a hot knee. We were walking into the local grocery store and she says, “you go ahead and I’ll follow behind”. I told her that will never happen.

  7. Those Asians are stressed. When they come to the US it’s interesting. One of the reps in the small company I work with is Chinese and is the Chinese Distributor. He is a fun guy that loves coming to US/Canada. He brings the absolute worst tasting rice liquor you can imagine. Anyway, in January he brought his wife over for her first trip here. They spent a few days in LA first, went skydiving, went to a shooting range and shot 12 gauge shotguns, rented a Porsche and drove 140mph on the way to Vegas. All of this they had never done before. They got to Vegas and went to one of the indoor ranges there that you can shoot full auto machine guns. You wouldn’t believe how happy they were with themselves that they had that kind of freedom. Too many of our fellow citizens take that for granted. There is no telling how many Chinese laws they would have broken.

  8. MJA, Never a big fan of the Japanese culture. Had a couple High School American/Jap friends. Great guys. In our sophomore year, American History, our idiot teacher decides to play, “What did your dad do during WWII”. Well my good friend of Jap ancestry is in that class and he’s smiling like the freaken Cheshire cat. She gets to him, reality sets in. She vapor locks. He says “My dad was a Kamikaze pilot in world War two. Flew twenty three missions”. Let’s just say, I bet she never did that again.

    I still keep in touch with that guy. Like me he got heavy into the weights so we spent a lot of time together. He got a job at Honda Racing at 20 years old. Now he heads the division. Awesome guy. But he’s not Japanese. He’s American.

  9. I was serious about Japanese resiliency.
    I once owned a 1979 Mazda RX-7 that was built in Hiroshima.
    So, thirty odd years later a patriotic American purchased a Japanese sports car that was built like a tank with a Wankel (German) engine!

    In a few years I may be driving a North Korean Electric Kim-Chee

  10. ‘fragmented MTV rap video culture.’
    Completely consumed by it, most of them that is.
    How Speed Racer, a for shit piece of hokey trash from the mid 60’s inspired so many mentally ill or possible damaged from the nuke thingy, brings us here today.

  11. ‘In a few years I may be driving a North Korean Electric Kim-Chee 1.
    I’ve owned 2 Mazdas. Since 1984. B2000 and B2300, actually teaching Ford how to build a little pickup the right way, AKA as the US Ford Ranger.

  12. I don’t give two shiites about the japs or the chinese for that matter, but I do appreciate their rejection of islam.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  13. Civilization is relatively new.
    I think humanity is still in its teething stage.

    If the earliest human was Homo Erectus (no giggling) about 2 Million years ago and Ur was established ~ 6 Thousand years ago that’s about 0.3% of our timeline civilized (whatever “civilized” means).
    So, the differing “cultures” (each, of course, itself being the “Crown of Creation” (to borrow from Jefferson Airplane)) are doing their best to make sense of it all.
    Similarly to unruly (and bestially evil) toddlers in their “terrible twos” we lurch between extremes – killing each other with wild abandon, all the while asserting our perfections – cultural, philosophical, and theological – and the basenesses of our “enemies.”
    I have no idea where all this is headed, but I’m fairly certain that the Japs will, again, come into their own, and re-assert their “culture” into the oriental world, establishing another “Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” to encompass China, Tibet, Mongolia, Indo-China, Indonesia, Micronesia, and Korea – hopefully more humanely.
    Just as Germany is the powerhouse of Europe, Japan will, again, be the powerhouse of Asia. Only Japan seems to understand the limits of Centralization.

    izlamo delenda est …


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